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They are useful for building address selectors for implementing a memory map on a processor – you could literally take A8-A15 from aand program the GAL to output chip selects for up to 8 address ranges anywhere in memory, on a page boundary. In September Assisted Technology released version 1.

GALs do not have predetermined inputs or outputs. These are devices currently made by Intel who acquired Altera and Xilinx and other semiconductor manufacturers.

Programmable Array Logic

Select a forum You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum. Retrieved May 13, This page was last 16,8 on 11 Decemberat Previous topic Next topic. Older ones, made in the s, use fusible links and can only be programmed “blown” once. This one device could replace all of the 24 pin fixed function PAL devices. What they’re used for?


16l8 25cn datasheet pdf storage

The 16X8 family or registered devices had an XOR gate before the register. PALs are not like ROM chips – yes they are programmed devices, but the programming is a representation of logic equations, not machine code.

After fusing, the outputs of the PAL could be verified if test vectors were entered in the source file. There dataseet other combinations that had fewer outputs with more product terms per output and were available with active high outputs. Another factor limiting the acceptance of the FPLA was the large package, a mil 0.

Electronic design automation Gate arrays. A registered trademark was granted on April 29,registration number The number of product terms allocated to an output varied from 8 to Using specialized machines, PAL devices were “field-programmable”. I don’t know binary and am only beginning with assembly. 16o8 example, one could not get 5 registered outputs with 3 active high combinational outputs. They are Programmable Array Logic chips.


They are very handy little devices and can save a lot of work in building small computers. I did that once in my previous job: Any help would be apprieciated. I shoulda known that Hi Everyone, Note, the last time that I checked, the 16L8 wasn’t reprogrammable. Also, PALs were made in certain hardware configurations with descriptions like “10H8” or “12L2” – the first number is the number of inputs, the letter is High or Low-true outputs, and the last number is the number of outputs.


Wed Dwtasheet 28, 4: Hardware iCE Stratix Virtex. Any ideas on how to do a hex dump on 16,8 chips and then have the hex converted to assembly?

The outputs were active low and could be registered or combinational. You can feed it a set of equations with 2 inputs and 8 outputs or vice versa – whatever you need.

Views Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His dataxheet with standard logic led him to believe that user programmable devices would be more attractive to users if the devices were designed to replace standard logic.


The FPLA had 16k8 relatively slow maximum operating 16k8 due to having both programmable-AND and programmable-OR arrayswas expensive, and had a poor reputation for testability. For large volumes, electrical programming costs could be eliminated by having the manufacturer fabricate a custom metal mask used to program the customers’ patterns at the time of manufacture; MMI used the term ” hard array logic ” HAL to refer to devices programmed in this way.

I imagine I could figure out the circuit and even write the results