Ford Taurus Owners Manual [Ford Motor Company] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Factory Original Owners Manual, also referred. Page 1 of Free PDF Manual Download for Ford Taurus. Ford Taurus Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Ford Taurus Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Ford Taurus Owners Manual; ( Pages).

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The Daytime Running Lamp DRL system does not activate the tail lamps and generally may not provide adequate lighting during these conditions. When towing, trailer tongue load or king pin weight is also part of cargo weight. The more you know and understand about your vehicle, the greater forr safety and pleasure you will derive from driving it. Electronic Automatic Temperature Control defrost. Recycled engine coolant Ford Motor Company does NOT recommend the tauruw of recycled engine coolant in vehicles originally equipped with Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant since a Ford-approved recycling process is not yet available.

When you pass a broadcast tower, a stronger signal may overtake a weaker one and play while the weak station frequency is displayed.

Turn the heater fan on in both vehicles to protect any electrical surges. You must complete Steps within 30 seconds or the procedure will have to be repeated.

When the seat is down, the back of your wagon has a flat surface for carrying cargo. The dome lamp control if equipped must not be set to the off position for the illuminated entry system to operate. To increase airflow to the outer instrument panel vents, close the vents located in the vord of the instrument panel.


Ford Taurus Owner’s Manual

Hard objects can injure you in a collision. Tires, Wheels and Loading the road tires and wheels that were originally provided by Ford. Turn the ignition to the ON position. Ford production and aftermarket Motorcraft oil filters are designed for added engine protection and long life.

Reporting Safety Defects u. To prolong the life of the wiper ofrd, it is highly recommended to scrape off the ice on the windshield before turning on the wipers. Have a qualified technician at a Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealer check the wheel alignment periodically.

Ford Taurus Owners Manual PDF

All occupants of the vehicle should always wear their safety belts even when an airbag SRS is provided. Do not use accessory seat covers. For more information, or to replace the filter, see your Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealer. Do txurus use hitches that clamp onto the vehicle bumper.

Engine oil dipstick 7. This position locks the transaxle and prevents the front wheels from turning. Do not attempt to service, repair, or modify the airbag SRS, its fuses or the seat cover on a seat containing an airbag.

This will automatically return foord vehicle to the previously set speed. Separate functional brakes should be used for safe control of towed vehicles and for trailers where the GCW of the towing fird plus the trailer exceed the GVWR of the towing vehicle. Running out of fuel Avoid running out of fuel because this situation may have an adverse affect on powertrain components.

See Engine oil in the Maintenance and Specifications chapter for more information on oil usage.

2007 Ford Taurus – Owner’s Manual (232 pages)

Ford recommends the use of a digital or dial type tire pressure gauge rather than a stick type tire pressure gauge. Use adjustable tie down loops to secure the load. In the United States, a warranty dispute must be submitted to the The vehicle has run out of fuel.

  LNL 2220 PDF

To reduce risk of electrical shock, always replace the cover to the Power Distribution Box before reconnecting the battery or refilling fluid reservoirs. Traction Control The system will allow your vehicle to make better use of available traction in these conditions.

Position the child safety seat in a seat with a combination lap and shoulder belt. If the BeltMinder warnings have expired warnings for approximately 5 minutes for one occupant driver or front passengerthe other occupant can still activate the BeltMinder feature. Introduction The more you know and understand about your vehicle, the greater the safety and pleasure you will derive from driving it.

Wet brakes do not stop the vehicle as quickly as dry brakes.

Recreational Towing all wheels on the ground under the following conditions: Children 12 years old and under should be properly restrained in the rear seat whenever possible. Keep body and door drain holes free from packed dirt. Illuminates when the battery is not charging properly.

Replace the PCV valve with one that meets Ford material and design specifications for your vehicle, such as a Motorcraft or equivalent replacement dord.