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Application packets can be obtained online at www. Microsoft TestKing v For additional information regarding requirements, contact the Registrar’s Office, Prahl College Center.

2013-2015 Catalog – Mott Community College

This degree provides a general background for students seeking a general educational experience preparing to enter the world of work or for life enrichment. Courses are offered in: They present a body of knowledge through extensive reading assignments coordinated with additional content which may include videos, discussion threads, group emails and other modes of technology.

Students with no degree, but with experience in the field, can submit a portfolio for consideration of a waiver of this requirement. All background checks and drug screenings are at the student’s expense.

It was founded on April10, by Dr. Other CPR courses are not accepted. East Parking DeMille Blvd. Graduates will have developed entry level skills that will prepare them for positions in the industry.


Flint, MI mtec. Technology Fee A per contact hour fee will be charged for all courses. A Course M enu. Students are placed into small learning communities during their first ESL. A major component of the Center is the college career guidance support services. Workforce Education Center is the place to begin your search for job training assistance.

Students are prepared to seek employment in industries such as; defense, automotive, and medical components. The division in which the class is offered will attempt to notify students in the class if such action is taken.

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Students are introduced to the fundamental concepts in the computing environment and then allowed to choose individual courses to broaden their knowledge base in the areas of their intended occupation. This application should be submitted during the semester in which the last eligibility requirement will be completed.

A limit of 16 credits may be awarded for CLEP examinations. Similar lack of progress during the probation period will result in certification being suspended. Completion of the program will also be beneficial to those planning to major in such areas as communications, public relations, graphic design, fine arts or journalism.

Courses in this correctd also establish an excellent foundation for careers in medicine and science or professional opportunities in health care and hospital administration, public health, medical case management or medical records. Demonstrate high school level education high school diploma or GED. Prior work experience, typing and writing ability figure prominently in coursework and assessments.


The Payment Plan option is not available during the Spring or Summer semesters. Related fields are equipment sales and rental, building inspection and insurance adjusting. Average Credits and Course Numbering 1. Points will be awarded to students based on the application portfolio submitted by the deadline. If classes are cancelled jcse a semester or session because of inclement weather, area radio and television stations will be notified.

Up-to-date closing information is available from the following sources: Graduates may find employment in an independent Insurance Agents office, they may refer clients to independent brokers, work as an independent brokers, work as an independent broker, or be employed by an insurance company.

Each semester, the chapter advisor and membership coordinator mail invitations to all eligible students giving them information about the next orientation and induction. Students entering kcse clinical sequence must submit documentation of a physical exam, including required immunizations and TB testing, at the student’s expense.

: Sitemap

All applications for a health profession license or registration in Michigan are required to submit fingerprints and undergo a background check. Once all required documents have been submitted, it can take weeks for your information to be mcze. However, courses and grades remain on the transcript. For up-to-date information, please check the MCC website at http: