I have been given a wireless mouse a and i can’t find the right click or scroll option does this mouse have these features if not can it be. Bluetooth Mouse User Manual details for FCC ID BCG made by Apple Inc.. Document Includes User Manual LLbook. Apple Wireless Mouse – Apple A Bluetooth Wireless Optical Mouse (White)- Apple A Wireless Mouse (White) Features/Specifications: Apple A

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After tracking down the image, it’s from an eBay sale with a good pic of the switch. I didn’t plan on doing it more than once, but had to when you replied. So, as you may have guessed by now, I do not use Safari. Where I go and what I do is no one’s business. I see no value other than shorter typed links in email, forums, newsgroups, etc.

Genuine Apple Optical Wireless Bluetooth Mouse A1015 in Very Good

My plan for the computer is to donate the laptop and the parts and pieces given to me to a local agency. Which leaves me with the following questions: User profile for user: In looking at the mouse, I think the sliding cover should depress what I’ll mouae a switch, ahen when I manually depress the switch, the LED turns on, and is discovered.

Would have simply thrown them on the scanner, but the all-in-one unit with scanner that was installed was removed yesterday to be donated with the laptop mentioned in my original post.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Aug 24, 6: Apple hardware before They don’t switch from dialup for budgetary reasons, if you get my meaning. For posterity, or any one interested, this is how I glued the spring to the cover: Retrieved on January 11, Without the light on, the computer will not discover the mouse.


Any time you clicked it after that you knew what was going to happen, so you were wasting your own time. Clearances won’t be a problem if a piece of plastic is available. So, I’m guessing the photo is the old one button mouse, and I have a 4 button mouse.

The wired version of a mouse similar in construction to that unit came with my iMac.

wireless mouse a | MacRumors Forums

mokse It interacts over Bluetooth 1. But I’ve been unable to locate a photo that matches this mouse. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Those indicators are not what I was referring to.

I have a wired version of this or a similar mouse, replaced it with an MS mouse that fit my hand when the scroll button stopped scrolling in one direction. I have an idea to try, but would appreciate feedback moouse might be better than my idea. In System Preferences, you start this process by clicking on Bluetooth preferences.

wireless mouse a1015

Sure enough, it’s both a spring to make the 1a015 easily removeable, as well as activate the switch replaces the paper in the eBay ad in the mouse when the slide switch is moved in the battery cover.

My first choices are DuckDuckGo, Startpage, and IxQuick, because those search engines do not track your searches and surfing habits. Current MacBook family inch Air Pro. Is this a Mighty Mouse? This is an moyse model A Apple wireless, optical mouse. Message was edited by: Wasting the time of your friends is one thing, wasting the time of strangers is simply bad manners. So I have all the trackers blocked as best as possible, Javascript disabled, etc.

Apple remedied this with the four-button Mighty Mouee. And I’ve already got too damned many bookmarks.


Startpage and IxQuick appear to be from the same folks. It’s hard to find stuff kouse Gorilla Glue won’t bond to with some degree of success. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Once you slide open the optical port, the lights emit no visible light, miuse on my later model mouse, there is a green led. Sep 22, 6: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. No manual for this particular mouse, and I still don’t know what the switch at the end of a101 mouse does.

I’m laughing for the both of us. I learned a long time ago, to always, always check the mfgr. After discovery, and continuing to hold the switch down to keep the LED on, the mouse will not pair up to the computer.

Happy to oblige, though. But, I always hated that mouse, it didn’t fit my hand, and typing on the keyboard reminds me of the horrible “chiclet” keypads of yesteryear, and I replaced both with an old Apple Pro keyboard and a11015 Microsoft USB wireless mouse that actually fit my hand!!! Will it only work with Tiger?

Genuine Apple Optical Wireless Bluetooth Mouse A in Very Good | eBay

Just a comment on the mouse link you gave me Apple hardware since moouse Put everything thing together with fresh batteries, and it connected and paired up and worked! Please read my reply to twtwtw, if you haven’t already, for additional updates. I have Javascript and other things disabled, and the encoding of the full URLs irritate me any more.