I Life and Writings of Arrian. 3 wrote many original books. By far the most important of these is the Anabasis of Alexander, or the History of Alexander the Great’s. The Anabasis Alexandri is an historical account written by Arrian. During the early 16th century, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze bought a copy of this book. Anabasis Alexandri Book VIII has 7 ratings and 0 reviews. The two works of Arrianus (Arrian) * ANABASIS ALEXANDRI BOOK VIII (INDICA) * SUCESSORS OF.

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Alexander at Nysa III. The Oasis of Ammon. They occupied an intermediate position between the heavy infantry of the phalanx, and the peltasts and other light troops. The Ambassadors of znabasis Celts. Having agreed with him about the money, and having likewise promised to hand over the horses, they departed.

Anabasis Alexandri Book VIII: Indica by Arrian

Exploration alexansri the Caspian. He therefore resolved to ‘ A city at the foot of Mount Ida. Borkeck, Lemgovia, ; P. The Advice of the Ohaldees rejected. The Advice of the Chaldees rejected. Alexander “Wounded XII.

The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian – Free Ebook

The con- sequence was, they no longer waited to receive Alexander marching alxandri them from the left, but casting away their arms they fled down the mountain as each man best could.

This they did rather from amaze- ment at the unexpected result of the struggle than from any steady resolution. Arrangement of the Hostile Armies. He also compiled The Enchiridion of Epictetusan abstract of the philosophy of Epictetus, which is still extant. March through Gadrosia XXV.

Of this only a few fragments survive. Then the archers shot at the Thracians who sallied forward, and repulsed them; and the phalanx, coming to close fighting, easily drove away from their position men anabasiis were light-armed and badly equipped barbarians.

The Anabasis of Alexander

And the position seemed to him a strong one; for it was very lofty, precipitous on every side, and fenced round by a triple wall. The Alani, or, Albani of the East, a tribe related to the Massagetae, were threatening to invade his province, and he made this voyage with a view of fortifying the most important strategic points; on the coast.

Two other geographical works, The Periplus of the Bed Sea and The Periplus of the Euxine, formerly ascribed to Arrian, are proved to belong to a later date. It is entitled Gynegeticus of Arrian or the second Xenophon the Athenian. Conspiracy of the Pages There was the game omen in the reign of Tiberius, when Vitellius, with a- Boman army, crossed the Euphrates to restore Tiridates to the throne of Parthia Tacitus, Annals, vi.

  EN 13852-2 PDF

It was restored by Philip, according to Pausanias, iv. Aeeangement of the Hostile Aemies. The Bleans also received back their exiles from banishment, because they were Alexander’s adherents ; and the Aetolians, each tribe for itself, sent embassies to him, begging to receive pardon, because they also had at- tempted to effect a revolution, on the receipt of the report which had been spread by the Thebans. This they did rather to make- a display of their own valour than to engage in a dangerous conflict with the enemy.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He then stationed bis military- engines near tbe wall, and having in a short time partly broken and partly shaken down a large piece of it, he led his army near, that the men might enter wherever the wall had been thrown down or shaken. The king is said on his death-bed to have taken the royal signet from his finger and to have given it to Perdiccas.

An Omen of Alexander’s Approaching Death. This artillery was at once made use of by Alexander in this campaign against the Illyrians. This was felt by the Greeks to be a general calamity for it struck the rest of the Greeks with no less con- sternation than it did those who had themselves taken part in the struggle, both on account of the magnitude of the captured city and the celerity of the action, the result of which was in the highest degree contrary to the expectation both of the sufferers and the perpetrators.

It is still used by the Persians, who call it ferieng.

He himself marched into Phrygia, after razing the city to the ground, and leaving 3, Grecian infantry and cavalry as a guard both of this place and of the rest of Oaria, under the command of Ptolemy. Thence he proceeded through Paetica to the river Melas, having crossed which he arrived at SestuSj in twenty days altogether from the time of his starting from home- When he came to Elaeus he offered sacrifice to Protesilaus upon the tomb of that hero, both for other reasons and because Protesilaus seemed to have been the first of the Greeks who took part with Agamemnon in the expedition to Ilium to disembark in Asia.


Alexander and the East: The Battle of Arbela. Memnon himself, as well as his sons, were running every risk with these ; and the Macedonians who first came into conflict with the Persians, though they showed great valour, were cut down, except those who retreated to Alexander, who was now approaching. When these were attacked with missiles, they did not stand their ground, but abandoned the position. Celts who alexahdri near the Ionian gulf. He forthwith took the archers, the regiments of javelin-throwers, aleaxndri the lighter hoplites, and led them against those who were guarding the pass.

For the enemy, being afraid that the Mace- donians, who were close upon the fugitives, would rush in with them, shut many of their friends out, who were slain by the Macedonians near the very walls. This Amyntas was put to anbaasis by Alexander soon after his accession.

They immediately forgot the G;recia,n language, and forthwith began to utter a foreign speech, not, indeed, that of the ‘ Compare Plutarch Alex.

March from the Indus to the Hydaspes.

He gives ample information about this race in the fourth book of his History. When MeteUus conquered Macedonia, he removed this group of bronze statues to Eome, to decorate his own portico. Invasion of the Land of the Cathaeans. No edition of his works has, so far as I am aware, ever appeared in England, though on the Continent many have been pub- lished. Defeat of the Persians and Pursuit of Darius. These men despatched ambas- sadors to Alexander, promising to surrender the place to him, if succour did not reach them by a day which had been agreed upon with them, naming the day.

Anabasis Alexandri Book VIII: Indica

Blancardus, Amsterdam, ; J. They were long troublesome to Macedonia, but were subdued by Philip the father of Alexander, who, however, allowed them to retain their own chiefs.

Voyage down the Hydaspes III. The first party cast torches and other I combustibles at the engines, in order to set them on fire and to defy the anabaasis excessively.