Androstachys johnsonii Prain [family EUPHORBIACEAE], in Bull. Misc. Inform., Kew (); – (). —Hutchinson in F.T.A. 6, 1: Androstachys johnsonii is a tree that can grow up to 30 metres tall. The straight, cylindrical bole can be free of branches for up to 15 metres and 60 – 90cm in. Androstachys johnsonii Prain. Higher Classification. Dicotyledons. Family. PICRODENDRACEAE. Synonyms. Androstachys subpeltatis (Sim) Phillips, Weihea.

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Natural Habitat Androstachys johnsonii is a gregarious species reported in mountainous areas along streams, frequently in pure stands. Its timber is of economical interest. However, in it was one of the most exploited timber species in Mozambique. General Housing 10 – Silica in Timbers.

Androstachys johnsonii

In South Africa poles used for huts showed no sign of deterioration after 40 years. The grain is usually straight, occasionally wavy, texture fine and even.

Monitoring of populations is recommended. Planing Easy; no particular problems. Trees lose their leaves irregularly. Flore de Madagascar et des Comores plantes vasculairesfamille Here it is used for flooring, for which it is well-suited, and is commonly traded for pillars of huts and fences. It is native to southeastern Africa and Madagascarwhere it generally occurs gregariously on rocky hillsides, particularly in hot and dry situations.


Monotypic Malpighiales genera Picrodendraceae Trees of Africa. Polishing Can be polished without surface preparation.

Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: individual images: Androstachys johnsonii

Boring Easy; no particular problems. The Matibane Forest Androstaxhys, also in Mozambique, has an area of about ha, for a large part covered by Androstachys johnsonii. Shimane University, Matsue, Japan. Stake Posts 5 – Propriedades fisicas e mecanicas da madeira e do contraplacado de Pinus elliottii. In Malaysia klin schedule C is considered most suitable. Androstachys johnsonii Androstachys Johnsonii x – 6k – jpg www.

Sanding Easy to perform; it gives good results. Agricultural Tools 44 – Atlas of Peruvian Woods. Balkema, Cape Town, South Africa. Vessels per mm2 more than 20 very abundant.

MECRUSSE (Androstachys johnsonii)

Androstachys johnsonii Scientific Name Johsonii However, since then the reserve has been subject to severe forest clearance for agriculture. Botanical Description The tree reaches a height of 30 m, with diameters from 50 to 80 cm. Sliced Veneer Not suitable for veneering. Leaves decussately opposite, simple and entire; stipules initially fused into a sheath up to 3.


It is suitable for vehicle bodies, sporting goods, toys, novelties, agricultural implements, musical instruments, precision equipment, carvings, pattern making and draining boards. Luster This species is low in luster.

However, in several areas larger trees have been exploited heavily for their wood, and already in an area of nearly 20, ha was designated in Mozambique as reserve Baixo Pinda Forest Reserve to protect the coastal forest and enable the recovery of Androstachys johnsonii. Apart from Androstachys johnsonii4 other species have been described in Androstachysall from Madagascar. Generic tree flora of Madagascar.

Blunting Effect Slight blunting effect; ordinary tools can be used for sawing and machining. Exterior General 1 – Tabela de resultados de ensaios fisicos e mecanicos. Their dimensions are 6. It is slow-growing, evergreen to deciduous, [1] and dioeciouswith flowers that are wind-pollinated. Crossties 8 – Maderas latinoamericas. Young plants are not frost tolerant.