How To Make a Wi-Fi Antenna Out Of a Pringles Can . DIY super awesome outdoor wifi antenna Antena Wifi, Diy Electronics, Electronics Projects, Satellite. Build a WiFi Antenna out of a Pringles can Antena Wifi, Pringles Can, Wifi This is my nerd School project (turning a Pringles can into a long range wifi antenna. b Homebrew WiFi Antenna Shootout. I’ve been networks with ( WiFi). One of the first things that got me excited was the Pringles Can Antenna.

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I used a drill followed by an angle grinder on my rotary tool — which was fiddly to say the least! A commercial Lucent “range extender” omni directional A buddy’s Flickenger-design Pringles can Yagi My modified design Pringles can A Flickenger design coffee can waveguide A coffee can waveguide with corrected radiator placement A Hunts The cylinder portion of the can may consist of metal-coated paperboard.

I would advise cutting a slightly large piece of wire to begin with, and soldering it into place inside the brass socket on the top of the connector. In our test, the Flickenger Pringles can did a little better than my modified Pringles design. With these results, I’m convinced that the waveguide design is the way to go for cheap wireless networking.

This article is about a microwave antenna.

It is peingles worth noting that this measurement is to be taken from the base of the can, not the ridge around the bottom. I found myself staring at the products on the canned food aisle at the grocery store.

Firstly, you prkngles try to lringles one yourself. Cantennas are typically used to increase the range or discovery of Wi-Fi networks. You should now be able to fit the connector, by pushing it through and attaching the nut from the inside. Cantennas are typically used for extending a wireless local area network WLAN. You can use this prignles to calculate whether the cans you have collected would be effective. Another approach to take is to connect the cantenna to your router to boost the signal from the source.

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Retrieved from ” https: While these antennas were an amazing feat of DIY engineering for their time, they had a few fundamental flaws. One of the first things that got me excited was the Pringles Can Antenna. I found that a coffee can diameter 88mmand a large food can mmwere closest to the right size.

For Heathkit Priingles antenna-related device, see Dummy load. Rob used a large, 39oz. The tiny design makes them ideal for mobile applications such as wardriving. By pointing a transmitting cantenna from your router to a receiving cantenna at your computer, you will be able to boost your range significantly.

Homebrew antenna shootout

I guess someone forgot to take his own advice with the filing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use anteba Privacy Policy.

Neither of these methods are ideal, and I would recommend using a stepping drill bit to make this part easier. The probe is the small piece of copper wire which will stick out into the middle pirngles our can.

802.11b Homebrew WiFi Antenna Shootout

I managed to cut my hand twice on the inside rim of the coffee can. Waveguide antennas don’t use the director assembly the washery bitsand therefore are much simpler to build. It’s the easiest antenna wwifi I know of. This method is a little involved, and may vary from router to router. While there are many variations on this type wifu build, today we are striving for a balance of price and simplicity. A more efficient cantenna can be made by minimising this length or connecting the cantenna directly to the Anteba circuitry.

The performance is good, the cost is very low and the skill required is minimal. For the antennas I was building, I was using different measurements based on the antenna design material I had been reading.

Of the waveguides, the Nalley’s “Big Chunk” took top marks. The size of our choice is important, as there are set fundamental dimensions which allow the cantenna to work. Let us know in the comment section below! The food can came up to almost perfect dimensions, though the edges are ridged, which will impact its performance.


A cantenna a portmanteau blending the words can and antenna is a homemade directional waveguide antennamade pringlds of prinles open-ended metal can. In the yagis, it didn’t matter much.

While there are many approaches to improving Wi-Fi range, these builds are a quick and simple way to improve it without breaking the bank. While the coffee can cantenna pringless still not optimally sized, it performs well as a performance booster, and with the food can performing anten in close quarters too, I am looking forward to testing these over a greater range.

Once that is done, remove the aerial that comes with the adapter by unscrewing it, and attach the smaller end of your pigtail connector instead. I didn’t compare them to a commercial directional antenna as my only one has a male connector and I don’t have the right cable to hook it up yet.

Cantenna – Wikipedia

Cantennas can be used to increase cell phone range, [5] improve reception, and decrease noise. Build a ‘Cantenna’ Aerial”.

Back up the thin metal with a wood scrap and drill a starter hole with regular drill bit, then insert the Unibit and simply work down the “steps” until you have the appropriate diameter required. The coffee can was a little short on length, but the 2cm it is lacking is still quite the wii from the 26cm of length the Pringles can falls short on. This article has you covered.