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Rate, review and discuss Priceless Inspirations by Antonia Carter for free at Read Print. Priceless Inspirations by Antonia Carter. 98 likes. Book. On her hit television show ‘Tiny and Toya’, Antonia ‘Toya’ Carter seems to be living the good life: she has a beautiful home, good friends, and is pursuing her.

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Nov 04, Alexious rated it it was amazing. I often find myself reading books that either have to deal with me or someone that has turned their struggles into success.

After reading this book, I see Toya in a different light, a better one that is. More about Lil Wayne. Dec 02, Johna Brown priceles it really liked it Shelves: Alsoother characters in the book are. This book is fantastic overall, and I would recommend it to anyone because this would be a great.

Antonia “Toya” Carter is the Ex-Wife of Lil’ Wayne, a mother, a supporter, a fighter, a Louisiana native and overall a woman who has leaped over many bumps in her road.

Priceless Inspirations by Antonia Carter

Was this review helpful? This a quick, interesting read. She made sure she spoke directly to her readers though her priceless gems that were at the end of every chapter which is why I believe she uses the writing craft of voice so well. That, and I’ve lost interest in most of what BET produces these days. Aug 01, Fawn rated it it was amazing.

Aug 14, La’kisha rated it really liked it. Growing up, her mother was an cartrr which led to her moving away to live with her aunt at an early age.

Overall, inspirafions was a beautiful book that I will share with the young girls in my life. This is how I know she was passionate in not only getting her life story out, but also making sure that she teaches lessons along the way which helps her connect with her readers on another level. Although this is a great autobiography, there were several grammatical errors.


There were also some times where I couldn’t figure out which aunt she was referring to, or what time period we had jumped into. From reading this priceeless, I could tell that she was passionate about the things that cartef wrote and she really wants young women to learn from the mistakes that she made in her life when she was younger.

In this book, Toya discusses how she grew up to become a woman quicker than she could have ever imagined by having a child at age What i dont like about this book is nothing i love this entire book. I natonia if I had watched, would I be less inspired and profoundly touched by Ms.

THis book is a Autobiographe. I felt like I could relate to the majority of the subjects that she was talking about. NObody is the bad guy but there were people in her life that was cuased most of her problems. Aug 14, Arielle Romain rated it it was amazing. As a reader, she made me feel like I was actually having a conversation with her and she was telling me about her life instead of just reading about it.

Priceless Inspirations by Antonia Carter – Read Print

I never watched Tiny and Toya. Don’t get me wrong I loved some chapters and some key points! It made me laugh, cry, and taught me several life lessons along the way. Return to Book Page. However I wasn’t too thrilled or impressed about this book! She speaks in the tone of a wise woman, and offers advice, like an older sister.

Dec 16, Janee’ rated it it was amazing. Jun 27, Chanel rated it it was ok. Subscribe to Our Newsletter Sign-up for The Bookworm, our free newsletter featuring quotes, newly added books, recommendations and more!

Are you sure you want to leave this group? Some of Toya’s advice is said with an inspiratins that can be mistaken for naivete, but it is clear that she’s nobody’s fool anymore.


Girl, Get Your Mind Right!: The chapters cover everything from sex to faith, and she is careful to include every bit of herself that could be helpful to other girls and young women.

Jan 06, Weslie Shauniece rated it it was ok. Inspiration book was one of my favorite books. There is at least one thing in this read that everyone can relate to.

Through short vignettes into her life as a young and practically homeless mom to daughter Reginae, 18 year old wife of a young man whose career was taking him farther from the home she wanted so desperately to build, and overcoming her feelings of low self worth, Toya gives amazingly blunt and heartfelt advice.

More about Antonia “Toya” Carter. When reading this you want inspiraations keep the pages turning.

Priceless Inspirations

Antonia CArter was trying to put a cross is that teen pregancy is not a good thing. Using the words she recorded in the journals she kept as a teen and the wisdom she has gained in the years since Toya bares her own struggles, using them to offer young women real and heartfelt understanding and advice about sex, relationships, motherhood and growing up.

Refresh and try again. Nothing standing in my way, like nothing’s my security. Priceless Inspirations by Antonia Carter. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. I did appreciate her realness and openness about her life up until now and I think someone younger would be more varter by her. She uses person against person conflict, person against nature, and internal conflict to help us understand her life and everything that she went through.

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