has posted excellent video tutorials for Artcam Pro and Insignia on their website. I learned many new tricks very quickly. If your new. Tutorial Parte 1. Uploaded by. andreita_ 2D Profile Cutting. Uploaded by. Hoang Lynaf. Art Cam Pro Tutorials. Uploaded by. BRUXA. ArtCAM Insignia. Artcam was a really nice product from Delcam for a long time. it looks like the ArtCam Standard is pretty much the equivalent of what used to be ArtCam Insignia. Nice tutorial for creating 3D Relief with ArtCam Standard.

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I haven’t had any trouble with them myself or my license, knock on wood, but there is a small but growing base of legit people put out in the cold by Delcam or their reps, anywayseveral that I know arhcam, that show this is not an isolated thing. I hope this clears up a few things – sorry that my first CNCZone post is to correct something. If all the top surfaces were level and you used only one v-bit for profiling and one straight bit for cutting out then all of your thinner strokes would have higher straight walls.

I have checked the net but haven’t found a website with pricing for the Artcam Pro.

Getting Started With ArtCAM Insignia

Nice Work Paco, Yes you can do any block or even thickness letter. Let me know if you want that file.

For more information please visit http: Please see my photo with the circles above. I have Part Wizwrd II. Hopefully – and I truly do hope this – it may be changing.

Of all my purchases, the only one I feel let me down with was ArtCam, and that was mainly with prism letters. Attached are a couple of samples which you might give you a better idea.


If for some reason if fails to do this Norten insibnia other products can interfere with it then we simply ask you to type the equivalent information in from your PAF file manually. I might give a try for MasterCAM router soon I know it depends on what I will do with it.

How much is Artcam Pro?

Follow us on All times are GMT Perhaps it was a little too fast for me. Poor ArtCam will mess it up really, really good. Thanks, One thing I did try is doing a fake 3d cut out.

There is one guy I know of with a legit version collecting dust on the shelf and a pirate copy of the same version he has to use to do his work with for just that reason.

Basic shape nesting in ArtCAM Insignia 2009

I spoke with Dale K. I have been using Insignia for insignja three years but was a little confused by tutoroal video. Next time I do it I will change the height to a constant. So lets see if I can explain. Besides, apparently some of the pirate stuff is more stable on some laptops without all the security crap interfering and crashing out. Still, I kinda like the software Demo 1 Loading in and working with 3D File. Watch a few of their tutorials.

But if all else fales I will do like you said. Feel free to ask if I can be of any more help. It has all forced several people I know of who have bought legit tutorlal to actually go pirate as they had no choice other than that or pay up for a full reg again.

I guess insignix only way for me to get this clear is a series routed, hand carved letters. There are no tricks and no secret nonsense. The real shame is you have spent a great deal of time and money on a product that does not do what you need done.


Getting started with ArtCAM Insignia

The suggestion of a message or indeed any IP address shinanigans: Phil, I do not own Insignia for years yet This demonstration includes creating basic shapes and using the sculpting tool to get a more organic looking model, along with the texture tool to add scales onto the gecko. Very easy and quick to learn. I try to keep my designs down to a max of one bit change since precise z-zeroing can be such a time killer and blow-outs really tick me off.

Demonstration which introduces 3D relief files into ArtCAM Express and how you can use tool geometry to create a curved border.

But this how we make our living. But far and away is the destruction arfcam serifs and of the thinner storkes. Then add tabs,did the relief tool path.

Look at Vcarve Pro. That was sent to me for Paul Nielsen. But still the bit removes too much of the thin letter parts. You may be able to get some input from other Insignia users on the Insignia forum.

The 3d sliceing is tuhorial all the way down to the table. We are probably close to one of these companys coming up with a good prism program. The program is incapable of doing thick and thin letters correctly. Tutoriap Dale could join to tell about his view on this If people are encountering what they believe to be ‘sharp’ practises through our Sales Partners please contact us directly and we will ensure that it is immediately rectified. Not much, but it’s a start anyway. If your new to these programs the videos are quite helpful.