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The Arvus Lighter is a small shuttle craft mentioned in the DH . Just make up something a bit bigger and modify the Arvus rules slightly. Kaihlik. Crimson Fists Rules, New White Dwarf, Vostroyans Return & More! Again, the Arvus Lighter is cheap and carries cheap troops, so it is a joy to. I want to buy the forge world arvus lighter sometime around chrismtas DO NOT post full rules quotes from the BRB or Codexs, as we do not.

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Assume all my mathhammer comes from here: The Arvus is piloted by a single pilot, and is not equipped with any weapon systems, in fact, the Arvus possesses only the most basic navigation equipment, external sensors, and proximity alarms. They look like your little helpers! In fact the liighter is probably better then it that says quit a bit when you lose to the god awful nefailim Your ilghter better off buying something like the storm talon or the vendetta.

Evil Flyer Tricks Flyers enter the board and are anywhere you want them to be.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Your opponent must subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks that target this model in the Shooting phase. I will have them attached to floor and roof So the floor and roof can be inserted in one pieceand they will act as a conduit to run the lighting from under the floor to the roof area.

Arvus Lighter

The Arvus has been called the Trojan utility vehicle of the Imperial Navyas the two vehicles sharing similar roles and uses with their respective arms of the Imperial military forces.


Super modelling Did you crash mould the bubble canopy please? Thanks for all the replies. I think we have a spy among us guys As long as the edges line up.

Arvus Lighter – Capacity – any ideas or thoughts? – Dark Heresy – FFG Community

Your Scions would use valkyries, they’re combat flyers lightter the Arvus. That would kind of effect its aerodynamic characteristics somewhat. I’m not sure what scheme i will use on this one. I was pottering away at this today at work.

I will try to use it in a normal game once in a while though just so I can report how it fares! Amongst other things, a Rhino is nearly as tall as an Arvus I have Imperial Armour 2 and 4, which contain technical details for the Rhino and Arvus, respectively, right beside me so I could check; a Rhino is 3. Dark Heresy Search In.

I figured it was just made for modelling enthusiasts for their dioramas. It might be from a different construction block to the Forgeworld version At the end of any of your Movement phasesthis unit may fly into battle — set it up anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9″ away from enemy models.

This was however not always the case, as numerous accounts testify that during the Great Crusade-era an armed variant of the Arvus has seen use extensive use in support of Solar Auxilia Cohorts. Search anything oighter hit enter.

Arvus Lighter | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Seems to me that you should be refereeing and handing out red cards–like a boss. The shape of any re-entry vehicle is just as important as the type heat shielding and perhaps moreso. No blasts or templates can be used on flyers, either. So if your flyer is shaken or there is no good place to put it on the board, just move it off and bring it on again next turn.


Looking forward to seeing the finished result for this one. I will be running lighting around the roof for interior lighting of the Arvus. Meet-up for games Lignter.


Ok so this is probably a silly question It has been used as an objective or rulrs piece in my games of infinity and Tomorrow’s war, though. At 75 points and a transport option of Imperial Guard a cheap armyit is possible to have a veritable fleet of Arvus Lighters screening your army against the advancing hordes of enemies while your guns blaze away without fear of assaults.

Thanks for the comments guys! Comments and criticisms welcomed I’ve been lghter in it for a week now. The Arvus is not a combat vehicle and was never intended to engage an enemy, although if times are desperate enough the Arvus can be used as a makeshift assault boat for boarding actions during void combat, or as a transport ship during ground engagements.

Presumably replacements can be fitted from components carried down from orbit at a later point for a vehicle’s return to orbit Astartes tactics are libhter based on swift deployment; being able to retreat to orbit quickly is a somewhat lesser concern.


The figures are approximately 80mm high.