Configuration of the PBX is done using the various FreePBX Modules. . module guide here to setup and manage your email relay servers. In the following sections we will provide a gentle introduction to the AsteriskNOW software, which gives you a complete PBX system with graphical configuration. Installing Asterisk NOW and Configuring Soft Phones – Setup a simple VOIP system at home or office. 1. Installing Asterisk NOW. 2. Creating.

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Check the following areas to verify or set the desired e-mail destination address of the phone system administrator who will receive the alerts:. See our Backup and Restore wiki for more information. Any network devices attached to your system are automatically detected by the installation program and displayed in the Network Devices list. You can set up automatic call distribution with the Queues module.

You can click the pencil icon to edit, or the trash can icon to delete. Always be sure that your message to callers matches the options that are set up in the IVR.

Goalbound: Configuring AsteriskNOW and FreePBX for SIP extensions and Trunks

In order for the directory to work, you will need to give callers the option to dial it i. We have more examples of holidays in our Time Groups and Sample Configurations wiki.

Once the installation is complete, the system will prompt you to reboot. Select the Review checkbox on the Automatic Partitioning screen if you want to review or modify your partition selections.

Enter an initial password digits only. Times in the time group are local to your system time zone. Simply add your conference as a destination in the Guidd.


Tip If you are unable to find the city you are looking for, take a look at the configruation of rate centers to see if your city might be included under a different name. Some of these features require the Paging Pro commercial module.

For example, a single IVR might lead to conviguration different destinations with 4 being another IVR, which then gives a caller more choices. When you have defined your time group, now you can configure your time conditions.

Click the Add Extension button. Wider browser support will be available with future versions. The initial screen is similar to the following illustration:. When making an outbound call, the system will for the first matching dial pattern by working down the list of routes.

If you are ready to continue with the installation, click Next. The standard Parking module allows one parking lot to be available to all phones on the system.

Before configuring your IVR, you will need to set up system recordings that will give instructions to the caller. Follow Me is now enabled for the extension, and calls will immediately begin flowing to the extension’s follow-me list unless you disable Follow Me.

Conferences are not enabled by default in the User Management module. A queue differs from a ring group because it allows advanced call routing options and escalation rules. Please see our Outbound Routes Module wiki for more information. Depending on what you’ve enabled, UCP users can manage voicemail, make web-based calls, chat via SMS SIPStation customers only or XMPP, view call histories CDRlisten to recorded calls, participate in conference rooms, send and receive faxes, set up follow-me, adjust the button layout of their phones, and more.

If not, click on the white triangle to bring up a list of other locations to choose from. Please see our End Point Manager wiki for more information. The order of your routes is very important.


Paging Pro lets you choose how to page a group that is already in use, play an announcement, prepend text to the Caller ID, enable RTP multicast, and schedule automatic pages. You can add custom entries such as remote extensions, ring groups, queues, and outside numbers.

Asterisk NOW Tutorial

Modules such as Interactive Voice Response IVR are able to use custom system recordings in addition to default recordings. Without setting up outbound routes, you will not be able to make calls outside your system. Once you have selected a time zone, click Next.

Your list may vary. Please see our Extensions Module guuide for more information. Alternatively, you could visit the store separately at http: You may optionally set up e on additional numbers for an additional monthly fee. You should see these defaults: If you modify these settings, don’t forget to click the Submit button followed by the Apply Config button. Here you can see a table showing extensions and whether various settings are enabled.

Asterisk NOW Tutorial

You cnofiguration need to give us a credit card, and you can get started immediately, as your trial service is provisioned instantly! If you are not a SIPStation user, you can set up outbound routes manually as described in the instructions below.

Please note, we try to keep these articles as up-to-date as possible, configurtion your system may vary slightly from the procedures and screenshots shown here, based on the versions installed. The two modes of installation available are:.