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We kindly inform you that, as long as the subject affiliation of our In this case, please broaden your search criteria. The clearing between the participants comes from the business operations, processes. In the present paper the examination of the interbank clearing is accomplished with network theory methods. I deal with the analysis of interbank clearing transaction turnover in the light of geographical distribution and I unfold the main properties of the financial network between Hungarian settlements.

This study aims to present the territorial capital endowment of the Hungarian micro regions LAU1 level from till and to measure its annual change.

All this allows us to find out the degree of divergence or convergence of the micro regions in terms of territorial capital. Finally, we try to find the answer to by which factors and how many changes of the winiaska capital are defined at macro-regional level and in micro regions of different development.

We apply a novel way, after normalization, our figures are corrected with a new method calling method of penalty for bottleneck. The results show that development of the micro regions is significantly determined by relational- economic- and cultural assets mutually. The condition of the balanced accumulation of territorial capital is connecting the finansosy capital and socioeconomic proximity.

We emphasise the micro regions which exploited the background of the cultural economy were able to improve their territorial capital at higher rate than winiraska average. The model can support decision-makers — primarily in ambulance service — withdata analysis and mapping. The fundamental goal of the development was to provide an easy access tool for theservice, with the help of which they can improve the general response time, the number of settlements and residentswithin the standardised reach of 15 minutes.

It can help not only in long- or mid-term planning activities,but as a quick tool it offers support for ad hoc decisions.

Both dynamic fleet management and occasional, seasonalspatial reorganisations can be planned carefully on the basis of the GIS application. Based on open source softwareit is a costless kazimirra for any kind of delivery, collection or intervention services.

More than ever customer satisfaction has become a key factor for all industry and business enterprises. The article explains about the customers satisfaction esspecialy in the textile industry.

The 12 Pillars of Project Excellence

First part presents the concept of customer satisfaction ,azimiera its place in current management models and tools. The finnasowy are the main theories on customer satisfaction with application on textile sector. The key factors affecting customer satisfaction is considered as: We intend also to explain why the ecological products have a more important role in the costumes perception.

Models are better means of approximating reality, suitable for most economic phenomena which are generally represented by dynamical processes. Economic mathematicians have begun their study of this type of processes and have reached so far that today they are able to elaborate dynamical bifurcation diagrams that include all mathematical phenomena and Hopf bifurcation, in particular.

An advertising model is written in the form a Cauchy problem for a system of two first order ordinary differential equations involving two real parameters. For two aueyt values of them it is shown that a degenerate Bogdanov-Takens bifurcation phenomenon occurs.

This implies an extremely complex behavior of the economic model for advertising.

Managing the Unmanageable – Książki •

The purpose of the study presented in this article was to develop a measure of resilience to crisis, one that may be applied to regional data. In principle, such measure can take either positive or negative values. The measure uses growth rates referred to the previous year under the assumption that crisis results in a slowdown in growth, or even in a decline in values of important economic indicators.

Growth rates are standardized by dividing values of original change rates by medians specified based on spatio-temporal data modules. Such division results in each characteristic being brought to equal validity. Changing destimulants into stimulants occurs during growth rates calculation. The measure of resilience to crisis is calculated as an arithmetic mean of the values of characteristics brought to comparability. The measure of resilience can be converted into the measure of sensitivity by multiplying it by The application of the proposed measure to assessing the resilience to crisis in the period is presented for regions meant as the European Union NUTS2 units.


The measure is based on comparable data, which allowed for using only six variables measuring changes in GDP, salaries, investments, household income, employment and unemployment. The Olympic Games are one of the most important events in the world with recognised heavy economic, social and cultural impacts.

Immediate impacts on international arrivals and on tourism are associated with long term effects on destination image, at the consumer level and by attracting investment to the city or the country. The event is so important that, by its magnitude and international nature, has been considered a catalyst of political and economic development.

This article will explore the expectations before the Olympic Games in an approach to the economic dimensions and possible impacts on society, culture, international influence wwiniarska the environment. Bank customer loyalty is winiarwka a priority concern for banking institutions, as a means of gradually increasing complementary margins and eliminating the lack of liquidity caused by the current economic climate.

At the same time, however, the difficulty in identifying and operationalizing the factors or determinants that most contribute to creating and maintaining bank customer loyalty has long been recognized.

In this sense, based on the integrated use of cognitive maps and measuring attractiveness by a categorical based evaluation technique MACBETHthis study proposes a multiple criteria framework for bank customer loyalty measurement and management. The results show that our framework allows bank customers with higher rates of customer loyalty to be identified and, from a benchmarking perspective, indicates what best practices should be followed to boost long-term relationships.

Managing the Unmanageable

Implications for scholars and practitioners are discussed. This paper aims to evaluate the performance of foreign affiliated and domestic firms in Turkish manufacturing subsectors covering the period and Due to the heterogeneity between domestic and foreign affiliated firms in terms of technology level, we construct a meta-frontier model to measure relative efficiency and technology gap ratios TGR’s of domestic and foreign affiliated firms. We find that technical efficiencies of foreign affiliated firms are higher than domestic firms, and display a stable pattern during the investigation period.

However; technology gap ratios indicate the existence of a negative relationship between the TGR’s and technical efficiency of the firms in domestic subsectors.

This means that technically efficient firms are in fact using the low level of technology. However the results do not indicate any significant relationship between the technical efficiency and TGR’s of foreign affiliated firms. The article generalized the essence of resource component of the economic security of an enterprise. This was a certain system requirement of the estimation of the resources of an enterprise. We investigated the modern methods of estimation of resource component of economic security and outlined the domestic requirements for their application.

The most optimal methods of estimation of the resource component system of economic security are proposed. Under the conditions of market economy during a period of financial instability, it is becoming particularly significant to be able to provide an objective analysis of the financial condition of domestic enterprises and evaluate their creditworthiness.

Such an analysis is essential for the effectiveness of crediting activity in general. If the set of parameters remained universal for all banks and countries, it would be possible to exchange statistics and systematize information on a global scale. However, the fact is that there is no uniformity in the system of parameters across countries, banks or researchers.

Proceeding from the topicality of the issues regarding the selection of a creditworthiness evaluation method, it is important to develop and optimize a set of parameters for analyzing the financial condition of a business entity, which is the goal of this research.


The basic principle of optimizing the selection of financial parameters is to avoid the duplication of information about a certain aspect of financial condition. As a rule, the correlation and regression analysis within the framework of econometric modeling is used with a view to identifying dependence among parameters.

Audyt finansowy – Kazimiera Winiarska – Google Books

The authors propose complementing the current econometric analysis of a set of parameters with the following methods: In this scientific investigation a model is developed and applied for the comprehensive evaluation of the competitive power kazomiera competency of specialists in a specific firm enterprise, institution and audytt on. The different criteria used in this assessment and example contents of these criteria are noted.

The evaluation is performed by utilizing 6 degrees. The indicators used in the study are assigned different values which depend on the importance of the results obtained from a specific specialist working in a specific area. There are possibilities for applying the methodology developed when evaluating the competitive power of products which are produced by companies with different types of production and when evaluating this at both a regional and national level.

The methodology can be computerized and can be applied by collecting the information, and the different criteria in these indicators constitutes the characteristics of the specialist, product, company, municipality, region and so on. Crafting such a decision is a long and complicated process. It must be done in a structured and rational way and include not only price, but also other factors, finansow it must not be influenced by outsourcing trends. This article examines the complete process of developing and making a decision to outsource, which includes the following successive steps: The aim of this study is to aydyt the role of the agriculture in the economy of four Central and Eastern European countries: Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic, highlighting the main differences.

To perform this analysis we applied the input-output analysis method that can be used very well to determine the role and relative importance of each sector in terms of its contribution to the production, value added, income, employment and so on in the economy of a country or region, to analyze the intersectoral linkages, as well as to identify the key sectors.

The study is composed in the following way: In the last section some conclusions regarding the role of the agriculture in the economy of the analyzed countries are presented.

Review article on Zsuzsa Bekker ed. Readings in economic theory: The transition from direct learning to distance education modifies the roles of all actors involved in this process. Moreover, new characters appear on stage, among which one should count finsnsowy tutor or the trainer at distance, the manager and the responsible person for the platform of the distance learning program. The study basis is represented by the assimilation of real economies with physics systems which are appropriate to the modeling with the aid of statistical physics and thermodynamics of open systems.

Where certain data come under record, some economic and market processes can be assimilated with afferent processes to some Brownian systems.

Individual winiarskq and organizational factors influence the scanning behavior. The examination of the environment can be presented in a model based on environment analyzability and organizational intrusiveness. Shibboleth authentication is only available to registered institutions. Cookies help us deliver winiarka services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Result of A mega-event inside the Great Wall of China: A metacognitive decision making based-framework for bank customer loyalty measurement and management Author s: A meta-frontier approach to measure productivity differences of domestic and foreign affiliated firms Author s: A method finanspwy estimation of resource component of the economic security system Author s: A method of multi-attribute assessment using ideal alternative: A mid-term prevision for the medical social services necessities Author s: A mindenkory mainstream Author s: My New User Account.