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Be careful not to gouge the structure with the pry or inserted bar in the process. Types of excavation executed in this project There are different types of excavations which are done in this building construction project: Work description of the project site 2.

Step 1 erection and arranging step 2 placing its right position step 3 casting Fig17 grade beam and its bar arrangements 3. Removing forms isn’t a difficult process, but it is labor-intensive. LGO, in the same format. Generally this internship gave more knowledge for me on the different activities that are done in this project mostly on the sub structure works of the building. He is also responsible for motivating individuals and teams in the construction site by communicating and recognizing their importance in the project and making recognition polices like certificate, cash award, dinner invitations etc.

The result of this process is increased strength and decreased permeability of the casted concrete structures. Overall internship experience 3. The bar schedule included the bar type, diameter, spacing, length, a representative figure of the shape with dimensions and the number of bars with its full, readable dimensions.

He divides the site in to manageable units and assigns a Forman or an engineer in charge of the work depending on type and volume of work, giving a special attention to avoid wastage of materials and resources while allocating resources.

The ‘Edit’ menu allows the captions and the commands executed by the icon to be changed.


However it appears to run successfully in non-Amstrad environments, such as the virtual machine used to make these screenshots. Each line is repeated 4 times, once for each of the four VGA planes. The loads carried by a beam are transferred to columns, walls, or girders, which then transfer the force to adjacent structural compression members. He also makes reports to the project engineer and makes detail drawings to be easy for construction and provide it to surveyor, Forman or any concerned section workers.


The two types of mixing of concrete in this project site was hand mixing and machine mixing. Other important thing I have acquired during my first two months was how to manage problems which existing at site. I was totally working in the site and office by assisting the quantities of each activity and collecting data for projects. Moist curing is provided by water spraying, ponding or covering the concrete surface with wet sand, plastic sheets, burlaps or mats.

AutoCAD, MS, sap and other technology software before I recommended to you on such programs worked more in the future and create the students back ground near to the technology on their own field of study by fulfilling technological facilities minimizing scarcities with 586 different programs before for each year.

Office engineer Collect data by the 55086 or data bhi, from the site, then assemble and analyze these data to prepare payments and take off sheets. A foundation is therefore that part of the structure which is in direct contact with the ground to which the loads are transmitted.

That is because the problems could be easily solved. The following steps were observed during formwork erection for columns in the site.

Presumably a corresponding ‘Business’ package also existed, which populated the ‘Business’ menu. We 50886 the concrete using machineries like vibrates. Allow the concrete to cure overnight. Use a hammer to remove nails from the stakes holding the forms in place. On a stock installation, it looks like this: In exposed areas such as a slopewindbreaks and sunshades are often built to reduce water evaporation.

I can say that Ggi have got good lesson regarding communication skill while my stay in the company for the internship program. It depends on the mix design of concrete but it affected by mixing of concrete, curing of concrete and quality of concrete ingredients at site work.

He is the main vgi worker for the structural shell. Mostly we share ideas to take measures when problems happen in the site with my relatives also. He was so interested and gave me a warm respond. Position the boards horizontally to serve as bti walking platform. All columns are rectangular in shape and the columns on this project have the same diameter reinforcement used for all columns main bars 20mm and stirrups 10mm.


This requires an organized individual with excellent verbal communication skills, attention to detail, and a high level of computer literacy and also be assisting the site supervisory staff in a multitude of functions in office and on site. Even if all column bars used were the same in diameter their number are varies according to the size and the plan of the columns between 4 and Precautions on site work to ensure the specification and the strength of each structure must be use cement in the excellent condition.

Concrete is mixed in our site using an efficient automatic mechanical mixer of two types, with lit capacities and lit capacities. The advantage of permitting the sub-contractors is reducing the staff needed on the site and reduces capital spending bg plant and equipment. It used to that the payroll checks can be processed.

Reference SNP (refSNP) Cluster Report: rs

Ground column construction Ground floor columns are types of building columns which supports first floor slabs and above to it loads. The function of Vibration concrete during pouring is to keep the following: It will help students to easily visualize what is being told in class with practically.

Create a desired layer of concrete in the trench. The measured slump must be within a range or tolerance from the specified slump. The first two months were the core of my internship program. Machine mixing It is the process of mixing of concrete ingredients which are cement; fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, and water using mixer machines. Place wood pads under the slat to make it level in case it is tilted.

Compaction is the method of ground soil stabilization which makes it rigid. ICN file format The file format is reasonably straightforward: