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bhaja govindam sloka 1 bhajagovindam bhajagovindam govindam bhaja moodhamathe samprapte meaning: bhaja – seek, govinda – the lord govinda, moodhamathe – o fool, o ignoramus, Bhajagovindam Lyrics Meaning English. This English translation of Bhaja Govindam was found in a magazine published in Autumn by the Sivananda Ashram. The magazine also. भज गोविन्दं Introduction Bhaja Govindam was written by much deeper and contains a well defined philosophy of attaining salvation.

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Is there no one to guide you?

Bhaja Govindam – Wikisource, the free online library

Take your residence in a temple or below a tree, wear the deerskin meankng the dress, and sleep with mother earth as your bed. Through disciplined senses and controlled mind, thou shalt come to experience the Indwelling Lord of your heart! Who is my mother? Take delight to be with the noble and the holy.

Bhaja Govindam

At his advanced age, the remaining valuable little time of his life should have been used for worshipping the God, instead of wasting on learning a language. See yourself in everyone and give up all govinam of duality completely. Through disciplined senses and controlled mind, thou shalt come to experience the indwelling Lord of your heart!


Cast into hell, they suffer there endlessly. Worship Govinda, worship Emglish, Worship Govinda, oh fool! Blessed with such vairagya, could any fail to be content? Is there none to guide thee and show the way? Stanza attributed to nityanAtha. A small excerpt is provided herein as well as a link to the complete article.

Stanza attributed to medhaatithira. Subbulakshmi is very popular. May thou be soon free from Samsara.

But there is hardly anyone who wants to be lost in parabrahmam. It is indeed hard to cross this boundless ocean of samsara. If you want to attain soon the Vishnu-status, be equal-minded in all circumstances. Be content with what comes through actions already performed in the past.

XXIV needs more explanation,if can be. Regularly recite from the Gita, meditate on Vishnu [thro’ Vishnu sahasranama] in your heart, and chant His thousand glories. Bhaja govindaM is divided into dvAdashamanjarikA stotram and chaturdashamanjarika stotram.

Who is my mother, who is my father?

This is but a modification of flesh and fat. When that wisdom vignyana is integrated with life and issues out in action, it becomes devotion bhakti.

Where are Samsara’s coils when the Truth appears? Each word in Bhaja Govindam is pregnant with meaning and the composition is a sort of short synopsis of the teachings of Santana Dharma. This page does not provide license information.


Behold there lies the man who sits warming up his body with the fire in front and the sun at the back; at night he curls up the body to keep out of the cold; he eats his beggar’s food from the bowl of his hand and sleeps beneath the tree.

INDIASPIRITUALITY: English Translation of Bhaja Govindam by Adi Shankara

By identifying the translator or locating another translation which meets Wikisource’s Copyright Policyyou may remove this notice and prevent the deletion of this work.

Youth is lost by attachment to woman. The fourteen disciples are said to have accompanied him. But only he whose mind steadily delights in Brahman enjoys bliss, no one else. The Acharya urges the man to turn towards God and sing His glory instead of trying to learn a language.

Who is my father?