Biamp Systems | S.W. Gemini Drive | Beaverton, OR | | USA | + .. MXA, MXA, MXA, MXA 部件名称. The Watt mixer/amplifier shall be a BIAMP MXA The Watt mixer/ amplifier shall be a BIAMP MXA MXA Series. Mixer/Amplifiers. FEATURES. These mixer-amplifiers are aimed at sound installations in commercial and entertainment environments, with extensive features to support such applications.

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Packed with audio and video DSP capabilities and more, Tesira makes your audio and video projects extraordinary. No matter your field or industry, we provide you with quality AV equipment that’s up to the challenge.

Find patent information here. We recognize that one size does not fit all. If you’re seeking a dynamic and engaging workplace, this is where you belong. No matter the size or scope of your installation, Biamp has products for every project. Biamp holds several patents. Screwdriver-access controls adjust bass and treble of the whole mix. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives. Loudspeaker connections are a terminal strip. Biamp supports multiple local, national, and international charitable max150 and organizations.

Biamp offers live webinars covering a variety of topics.

Biamp MXA Rackmount 6 Channel Audio Mixer Amplifier w | eBay

AV-related technologies are a critical component of helping legal professionals do their jobs accurately and effectively. Cornerstone – Support Knowledge Base. TesiraLUX can make your life easier, while simultaneously making your customers happier. These mixer-amplifiers are aimed at sound installations in commercial and entertainment environments, with extensive features to support such applications.


Audia’s strength and flexibility make it a perfect choice for a multitude of challenging installations. Each channel has a rotary level control. Note that in most cases, your username is not the same as your email address. Our products give you the flexibility and power to design systems that clearly convey central and local paging, messaging, background music, and more. Cornerstone, our online technical support knowledge base, provides in-depth technical hiamp on Biamp products.

Biamp products are designed to last, and are intended to be repaired, rather than replaced, if something goes wrong. Remember me on this computer Register Login.

If you haven’t experienced a demo yet, let’s change that. Biamp’s solutions for hospitality venues offer scalable options, so you can fulfill the broadest range of requirements – from huge arenas to intimate restaurants. Biamp products offer scalable, flexible options designed to suit these smaller spaces.

Biamp MXA150 mixer amplifier

We have products for every project, regardless of the budget, size, or scope. All Nexia devices include network-friendly open architecture designed to save you time and resources. Most of our products include a five year warranty. Who says you need to have a big room to have a big meeting? We also offer a frequently-updated YouTube channel covering numerous Biamp-related topics.

Ever feel overwhelmed in a noisy, distracting environment when you need to concentrate? Audia provides the processing power needed to make sure bamp word is heard. Shouldn’t they have executive-level Mxa1550 as well? We offer service and repairs on biammp Biamp product manufactured in the last 10 years.

Organizations are choosing multi-use spaces that can be combined and configured to suit a wide range of activities.

We offer robust, flexible solutions for AV installations large and small.


Latest Announcement

Devio is a versatile AV solution for productive meetings. Screwdriver slots set chime and music-on-hold level, limiter and auto-mute sensitivity. Sandra Kellermann joins Biamp to support its sales channel throughout Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries.

Small conference rooms still have big AV needs. A switched IEC power inlet mmxa150 associated fuse and voltage selector. The training you need, online and at your own pace. A further switch sets the low-cut filter. At Biamp, we believe in the power of knowledge. Three LEDs indicate power on, signal peak and temperature fault. Estimating bandwidth needs, designing switch infrastructure, and establishing paging zones are just a few of the challenges exacerbated by multi-building scenarios.

A master volume knob sets overall level after the chime generator and the limiter. We’ve been around for more than 40 years. Businesses are increasingly incorporating VoIP technology into their day-to-day operations. MXA Series The six inputs are mono, electronically balanced, and feed a mono mixer. Simple Setup, Superior Sound. We offer continuing education seminars and courses that comply with AIA standards.

AV systems in houses of worship must address broad sets of requirements in order for worship leaders to communicate their message and keep their congregations engaged.

Rack-mounting, 2U 88 mmmm jxa150.

Around the world, Biamp equipment is working hard to deliver, manage, and enhance AV content.