Read Binks’ Sake – Brook (One Piece) from the story Anime and Japanese Song Lyrics by kuroidreamer99 (the crow) with reads. translations, ending. Japanese Version: Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho. Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho. Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho. Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho. Binkusu no sake wo. Time to ship out Bink’s brew! Pirates we, we’ll divide and conquer all the seas! With the waves to rest our heads, The ship beneath us as our.

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Bid farewell bikns weaver’s town, say so long to port renowned. This song appears in the Manga and Anime One Piece. Birds they sing, of cheerful things, in circles passing by.

O’er across the ocean’s tide, Rays of sunshine far and wide, Birds they sing of cheerful things, in circles passing by! Robin had also lryics of this song, having listened to it when she was a young girl.

Jap mai bat fui. Cross the gold and silver seas, a salty spray bimks us at ease, Day and night, to our delight, the voyage never ends. The waves will be our guide! Cross the gold and silver seas! But steady men may never fear! The salty spray puts us at ease! Binks’ Sake is a song that was commonly sung amongst the pirates of old.

Oda also intended it to be a sailing song that could be included in text books but because it contains the word ‘ sake ‘ it was impossible. Retrieved from ” http: The loose translation is due to “Sake” being the Japanese word for all alcoholic drinks in general, not just Japanese alcoholic drinks as foreigners has come to see the word as. Rays of sunshine far and wide.


Binks’ Sake

Tomorrow’s skies are always clear! However, like many things in One Piece, it ended up being seen 4 or 5 years later. So pound your feet and clap your hands till sunny days return! Popular Artists Popular Songs. Say so long to port renowned! Sing a song, it won’t be long, before we’re casting off. Added in reply to request by Sciera. The song is meant to lift the spirits of those who sing it.

Login Registration Sign In. So pound your feet and clap your hands ’til sunny days return. The waves will be our guide. Our days are but a passing dream, everlasting though they seem. Bid farewell to weaver’s town! After all is said and done, You’ll end up a skeleton!

Pirates we, eternally are challenging the sea! Add new translation Add new request. Oda thought of the lyrics first and wanted to add the melody later but he just couldn’t do it, and didn’t want the song to sound bad when it would eventually be featured in the anime. The History of Popular Music Listen to gems from the s, s, and more.

Dive into the South Asian philosophy through Indian classical music. The History of Popular Music. It is shown that this song can be played in a variety of ways on different instruments for example when it is played on a piano, with a fast tempo, it can be a jolly party song that everyone can sing, but when it is being played on a violin Brook’s main instrument in a slow tempo it can be viewed as a ballad, a farewell song, or as a requiem.


Hoisted high upon the mast our Jolly Roger flies! Listen to gems from the s, s, and more. Waves are dancing, evening comes, It’s time to sound the drums! Go and deliver 1 Binks’ Sake 2 Entrust your heart to the waves and sea breeze Even the setting sun revels beyond the tides And in the sky, the song of laughing birds. Thanks for fullfilling my request. Gather up all of the crew!

PapedaLaut: Bink’s no Sake Lyrics

Luffy knows this song from hearing Shanks and his crew singing it. But steady lgrics, and never fear, tomorrow’s skies are always clear. Pirates, we eternally are challenging the sea. Before Chapterparts of this song appeared but due to the nature of how they appeared the song had many loose parts.