to meet you. If you are wondering where this is, take a look at cadstar, my “home”- page. Self Teach/ directory, then click [START]. You can . 4 PCB Design Self Teach Course. A Block Diagram Of The System. The complete CADSTAR system, including libraries, is shown below: The purpose of each. Re: CADSTAR tutorial or book. try the express tutorial on the zuken website. If you search then the self teach files are available too.

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Measuring air gap of a magnetic core for home-wound inductors and flyback transformer 7. There are a lot of video tutorials around there.

Using scroll bars The vertical and horizontal scroll bars allow you to move around the screen. You can set colours to help you identify which side components are placed on. You can give it any name you like but any Settings file having the same name as a design will be used as the initial settings when that design is loaded.

Free PCB Design Software – CADSTAR Express | Zuken

If you press one of the Arrow keys while holding the Ctrl key down the route segment will move by one grid unit at a time. With the Move tool selected, you can move any device in the design. If one cannot move legally, neither will be allowed to move.

This is adjusted so that the components selected will fill the screen.

This option can have destructive effects on your placement if not used with care; if errors are allowed, the option is capable of pushing placed components teacy off the board! When you are sure you understand what is happening: Summary of important points o The position of minimum force for a device is not necessarily a legal placement. Synthesized tuning, Part 2: Whichever variant you choose to run, P. Pan to the left or right Using the left-hand mouse button, you can select the scroll bar arrows to move in the required direction, or select and drag the box in the scroll bar.


When you are in a suitable position in the design, double click the left-hand mouse button to put in a via. A default is displayed: Blog Facebook LinkedIn Vimeo.

Starting this session To ensure that the attributes required by this tutorial can be edited you will need to create a rules file as follows: Having processed the design once sef P. The other options in this dialog allow you to use the placement grid for the components as they are placed, whether errors are allowed during placement and if checking is to be performed while you place each component. Frame in to the top left corner of the design, where there are many unrouted connections leading from the connector to some rectangular pads.

CADSTAR PCB Self Teach –

The Main Placement Tools The Stack Offboard tool places all selected, unfixed components around the outside of the board outline, at their current side and rotation. You can ask the system to calculate whether the values you have entered will be violated by your design – again it uses colours to indicate violations.

Attributes set at the Area level apply to cadetar objects only while they are inside the area.


As design constraints increase in complexity, CADSTAR Constraint Browser simplifies constraint management by providing a fast and effective method to enter the most complex of rules. Simulation Library Manager The Simulation library contain Models that simulate the behaviour of pins taech parts, thus enabling the P.

Some commands have hot-keys to let you perform a specific action and these will be mentioned where appropriate.

Select the Attributes option on the Configure menu. Partners Technology partners University program Startup program Design service partners. The value of this attribute defines the width the track is narrowed to and can be narrower than the necked or optimal width set for the net. The categories available are: If you accept the terms of the License Agreement: Click on Yes On the next dialog you enter your personal name and company name: When you load a job into P.

Task – to position the connectors Now click on the subitem Pad using the left-hand mouse button.

CADSTAR Downloads

Remember, whenever you select an option from the tool palette, its effect will be limited by your choice of selection palette option. Editor XR refreshes its graphical display.

Press the right-hand mouse button and select Cancel, or simply press the Esc key. The attribute groups available depend on the level you have selected. These are often useful at other stages of your work on a design.