Here is the fiery, provocative, and unparalleled work of feminist art criticism that launched Camille Paglia’s exceptional career as one of our most. Camille Paglia. · Rating details · 2, ratings · reviews. From ancient Egypt through the nineteenth century, Sexual Personae explores the provocative . Camille Paglia-Sexual Uploaded by. J. Zanelli San Ma Sexual Personae Sexual Personae Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson .

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From ancient Egypt through the nineteenth century, Sexual Personae explores the provocative connections between art and pagan ritual; between Emily Dickinson and the Marquis de Sade; between Lord Byron and Elvis Presley.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t; but when it does, the effect is exhilarating. Start reading Sexual Personae on your Kindle in under a minute.

Judy Simons criticized Paglia’s “potentially sinister political agenda,” and decried her “intellectual sleight of hand. It cannot be ‘fixed’ by codes of social or moral convenience, whether from the political left or right.

Paglia comes at you from so far out of left-field that she’s actually wandered off the field altogether, and is now yelling at you from way off in the car park somewhere, gesticulating with a rabid look in her eye like someone trying to shift copies of The Watchtower outside a Tube station.

She associates Apollo with order, structure, and symmetry, and Dionysus with chaos, disorder, and nature. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Share your thoughts with other customers. I read a little bit of it each evening so that I can at least attempt to really digest her argument.


The argument seems circular. Italian Art Chapter 6 Spenser and Apollo: This will be read long after everyone has forgotten the pseudo-feminist junk that was popular when this book debuted. Forget about whether she’s a visionary or a monster, and ask instead: We could make an epic catalog of male achievements, from paved roads, indoor plumbing, and washing machines to eyeglasses, antibiotics, and disposable diapers.

Paglia’s political views peek out from the text as well, and they are bizarre.

There is a concentration in her discussion of the Renaissance on the visual and in Romanticism on the literary. Please try again later.

These rococo phrases come at you scatter-gun style, one after the other, in disconnected leaps of illogic that can be wearying. Often, to be sure, her judgements strike you as nonsensical. And though I spent a lot of time shouting objections at the page, I have never been sent back to my bookshelves as often or as frantically as I was while I was reading this bonkers, hormonal dissertation.

Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson. Trivia About Sexual Personae: Accepting the canonical western tradition, she “rejects the modernist idea that culture has collapsed into meaningless fragments.

Gautier Baudelaire and Huysmans. One must be awed by [Paglia’s] vast energy, erudition and wit. So why do I return to Paglia’s book?

Construction is a sublime male poetry. The prose is an unceasingly percussive hammering of Paglia – as a friend of mine once said to her face at a signing – is a gateway drug.

Please try again later. Paglia survives not from the calm rationality of her opinions, but of the art of controversy, and the ability to be brilliant and frustrating and even stupid within the span of multiple pages. Explicit use of et al. I like the way Paglia is fearless in venturing her viewpoints.


Sexual Personae – Camille Paglia – Google Books

This is perhaps the only sentence beyond dispute pglia the entire book. Sade Chapter 9 Amazons, Mothers, Ghosts: She is the cloud of archaic night. Coleridge Chapter 13 Speed and Space: I sing the while Sweet joy befall thee. She examines antiquitythe Renaissanceand Romanticism from the late eighteenth century tocontending that “Romanticism turns almost immediately into Decadence. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Stay in Touch Sign up. I’ve heard lots about Paglia, split pretty evenly into camps that, whether they love or loathe her, seem to share the opinion that a little bit of Camille goes a long way. Open Preview See a Problem? Others, she says, are androgyny, sadism, and the aggressive western eye, which has created our art and cinema.

Sexual Personae

Not in the slightest. Despite the longueurs, despite all the phallic and vulval non-sequiturs, despite the sense of cocaine-fuelled ’80s logorrhoea — despite all that, what Sexual Personae really brings is something that is too often missing from criticism.

Languages Italiano Svenska Edit links. Whether you agree with her or not, you will be challenged to think.