ChemSketch has two modes, each with different toolbar functions: You will start in individual features, please consult the software manual or Help menu. ACD/ChemSketch is a powerful structure drawing and naming software program. This Technical Note After all radicals have been created, choose the manual. Introduction to ChemSketch. ChemSketch is a free download for educational use. It can be used to produce structures of organic molecules, names of organic.

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The two images below show the Structure and Drawing Modes windows. Toggle among them by right-clicking, or by pressing one of the toolbar buttons or choose View on the chsmsketch bar. Click on the abc button; the cursor will now have an odd symbol starting with ab attached to it. Whenever you click on some part of the screen picture, you get help on that particular part.

Screen shot to show chemzketch example of a structure with a charge on an atom. A more general way to insert an unusual “symbol” is the feature Edit Atom Label. The program has adjusted the geometry of the 2D sketch to the lowest energy molecular conformation anti staggered.

Screen shot of the lower left hand corner of the ChemSketch screen — after the 3D Viewer has been opened.

Branches are specified by enclosing them in parentheses, and can be nested or stacked. You can use either of them; they both work fine, and are approximately equivalent in ease and features. In addition to the buttons in both modes, there are tool panels that apply formatting to your structure and drawing. This was done in three stages. Draw an object and finish embedding in Word. It is required to be present for each atom, except Hydrogen.


Structure Drawing- Manual

However, if you have any experience with drawing programs then some aspects of it should be easier for you to learn. Thus, one can gain the benefit of antialiasing with pre-existing files, and can turn it on or off as desired.

No attempt is made here to teach all janual ChemSketch. Since Save As is the more conventional command, Chemskrtch recommend using it. See the RasMol page for information on this program. Drawing your first molecule D. Position the pointer over that CH 4.

Generally, the Structure mode generates structural parts of the file such as atoms and bonds and the Draw chmesketch allows you to enhance them with arrows, boxes, and non-structure drawings. If you try to name a structure beyond its capacity, you will get an appropriate error message.

Save is intended for saving a new copy of an existing file, with the same name, type, and location. The free version of ChemSketch is related to a commercial product from the same company. That is, you can add ring 2 at a bond, and ring 3 at an atom. This would be a good time to review hybridizationgeometry chemdketch, bond anglesnon – bonding electronsformal chargesetc. It is amazing that ChemSketch is freeware because it is a quite powerful chemical structure drawing program.

The view switches to 3D and the molecule appears in the window. The ChemSketch naming procedure will not put an isomer designation on such an improper structure. Also, ChemSketch is in “structure” mode, as indicated by the word “Structure” being lit up upper row of buttons, at left. Once you get to the Template Windowsome template sets are listed along the left side, but many more are available from the drop down menu at the top near “Draw” button.


To name a structure you have drawn, use the “Generate name for structure” maanual.


The geometry that is shown chemsektch correct, taking into account the double bond, but the doubleness of the bond per se is not shown in some views. What about Save and Save As? As you become familiar with these two modules, you will learn that there is considerable flexibility about how you use them. You now have two main choices: If you want to learn how you can draw the “other” isomer, see the section above on Stereochemistry: Since antialiasing is a display feature, not intrinsic to the drawing, it may or may not be included when you copy a structure to another application.

Make a copy before optimizing, and optimize only one of the structures. At this point, you have a 2D structure on the screen in ChemSketch. The free program IrfanView contains a good screen capture feature.

Draw any molecule and dock it flexibly to any protein with coordinates known

You will get a dialog box with much to offer. If you do not see the desired button, right-click in the column, and you will get a nice readable list of the buttons, well labeled.

This method requires using one more program, but may be useful if you are already familiar with RasMol.