Whiteness as Property has 7 ratings and 1 review. Claudia said: An essential read for anyone who wishes to understand white privilege, the systematic opp. Issues regarding race and racial identity as well as questions pertaining to property rights and ownership have been prominent in much public. Cheryl I. Harris Whiteness as Property Harv. L. Rev. , ( ) (Cites Omitted) (Permission Requested).

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Ash rated it whitenews was amazing Aug 30, This section of the site Racial Groups has been moved to Http: This system led to conceive the notion that all slaves were black, and thus made all black people subordinates in a society dominated by whites.

Whites have come to expect and rely on these benefits, and over time these expectations have been affirmed, legitimated, and protected by the law.

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There was harm in being considered black, but none in being considered white. These rights endured even a century after the abolition of slavery. The legal legacy of slavery and of the seizure of land from Native American peoples is not merely a regime of property law that is mis informed by racist and ethnocentric themes.

Whiteness as Property

Accepting the risk of self-annihilation was the only way to survive. The theoretical bases and conceptual descriptions of property rights are varied, ranging from first possessor rules, to creation of value, to Lockean labor theory, to personality theory, to utilitarian theory. Becoming white meant gaining access to a whole set of public and private privileges that materially and permanently guaranteed basic subsistence needs and, therefore, survival.


Rather, the law has established and protected an actual property interest in whiteness itself, which shares the critical characteristics of property and accords with the many and varied theoretic The legal legacy ptoperty slavery and of the seizure of land from Native American peoples is not merely a vheryl of property law that is mis informed by racist and ethnocentric themes.

Once the power is evenly distributed to all the people representing this nation, then we will be able to see how the other multiple races that xs bring this country forward will be valued by the work they put in, and not by just how white their skin is. To see what your friends thought of this book, chdryl sign up.

Analysis of “Whiteness as Property” By Cheryl I. Harris | gutier27

Although she never would have stated it this way, the clear and ringing denunciations of racism she delivered from her chair when advanced arthritis had rendered her unable to work were informed by those experiences.

In the parlance of racist America, she was “passing. But being white did not only give men the chance to predestine the freedom of the others in society, it also allowed them to structure a hierarchy of reputation.

Filled with reasonings that can be used against those who are ignorant about this subject since it’s incredibly informative and properly worded. Olga Tomchin marked it as to-read Feb 02, Harris, poem for alma Harrris the s, some years after my mother’s family became part of the great river of Black migration that flowed north, my Mississippi-born grandmother was confronted with the harsh matter of economic survival for herself and her two daughters.

The notion rpoperty whiteness as a privilege will be ended once society stops being dominated by white figures. The latter is a special case in our judicial system, where we have seen how criminals are given different penalties based on their race, regardless of how equal their crime was.


Analysis of “Whiteness as Property” By Cheryl I. Harris

They remained oblivious to the worlds within worlds that existed just beyond the edge of their awareness and yet were present in their very midst. Email required Address never made public. The Naturalization Act of granted all rights of a citizen to whoever was white. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Whiteness as Property

That place – where white supremacy and economic domination meet – was unknown turf to her white co- workers. Whiteness is not simply and propeerty a legally recognized property interest. She tells us of the experiences that her grandmother had as an African American who had the chance of not being judged by her race, and this opens a discussion into what exactly race meant to African Americans and how it affected them.

Jenny marked it as to-read Sep 29, Learning about the world at her knee as I did, these experiences also came to inform my outlook and my understanding of the world. Iris Iris marked it as to-read Sep 08, Later, these painful memories forged her total identification with the civil rights movement. Oct 02, Claudia Lacleriga rated it it was amazing Shelves: