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Check that the control system operates correctly under generator standby and Commissjoning power if applicable. Requirements for electrical installations. Tuning should provide stable operation over the complete operational range of the building services plant.

Source information for such checklists is provided in sections C5 to C9. Also, off-site co-ordination issues must be addressed. Pressure tests have been carried out on the installation.

Automatic controls Check that the speed of communications meets that specified. All isolators should be closed and power fuses fitted. The Stationery Office BS Anti-condensation heaters and thermostats are included and correctly set where specified. Check that the accuracy of the differential pressure transmitter combined with sensors is within the specified tolerance. Where this is not possible codee must be a suitable distance before re-circulated air and mechanical devices to avoid their effects.

Check that all network devices such as routers and bridges are installed correctly.

CIBSE Commissioning Code W: Water distribution systems (CCW)

Interlocks Specific plant commissioning This section provides commissioning details for basic plant items such as fans, pumps and terminal units etc. It is important that any gateway is fully developed and appropriate for the intended control andor monitoring application. Check for out-of-balance forces, particularly during closure of a two-port valve. Provide a sufficient length of spare cable so that the sensor can be removed without disconnecting the wiring.


Calculate the parameter settings from Table CA2. Air systems a Removal of any debris from the air distribution system. The air compressor is of sufficient capacity.

However no responsibility of any kind for any injury, death, loss, damage or delay however caused resulting from the use of these co,missioning can be accepted by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, the authors or others involved in its publication. Figure C 2 1 Reaction curve A.

Ventilation grilles, filters and fans and thermostats are included and correctly set where specified. In particular the EMScan: T h e setting of control loop parameters to match the requirements of actual operational conditions. Arrangements for management of delays. Cordon-off live electrical panels and display warning notices. Regular database and configuration backups should be made throughout all stages of the commissioning process. Involvement in any complete system and subsystem performance testing.

Site personnel must be issued with, and be trained to use, appropriate safety equipment e. Provision of suitable gland plates.

CIBSE Commissioning Codes

Link type terminals for control system cables if specified. Operator training part Compliance with the Code does not confer immunity from relevant statutory and legal requirements. I Cibs c2 CA1. The panel should not be handed over until it has been wired in and fully functionally tested. The sensor should be replaced where the required offset is greater than the specified maximum level.

Ensure that dampers are sized correctly to give adequate authority it is poor practice to choose the size of a modulating damper based on the duct size. Check that volt-free and control terminals are separated from mains voltage.

However, control fuses and other low voltage equipment fuses should be removed for the duration of the test to avoid damaging any extra-low voltage equipment. A record of all settings, set points and offsets should be maintained throughout the commissioning period.


Check that the valve is fully open when the supply fan is proven and the control system signals an optimum cooling start. The same considerations are applicable for pipework systems.

The following points should be taken into consideration when selecting a valve: Instrument type Digital thermometer Mercury-in-glass thermometer Maximum range ‘C Smallest graduation 0. Ensure no equipment is mounted on the bottom or sides of the panel similarly terminations unless backhide plates are fitted. It was also supported by the various organisations represented on the Steering Group.

CIBSE Commissioning Codes

Optimiser The process of linking basic pre-defined control functions to provide a control strategy. CIBSE Commissioning Codes set out clearly and systematically the steps required to commission buildings and building services in commissioinng proper and timely manner. Check that core and perimeter zones are appropriate. Check that the controllers preserve control strategy configuration data for a specified period when mains power is lost.

Measure the period of the oscilIation T. Design for commissionability 30 31 CAI. Check that equipment that requires on-line adjustment and testing by non-electrically qualified personnel is accessible and usable commissionlng interrupting the supply or overriding the safety interlocks.

Software a A copy of the control system configuration software should be held both on and off-site. In order to minimise energy consumption it is crucial that the buildings services systems are cibwe properly. The number of random points to be witnessed will depend on the size of the complete system. Colour coding and numbering of all cables where specified and corresponding with numbering of terminals.