Plutonomy is a term that Citigroup analysts have used for economies “where economic growth In three reports for super-rich Citigroup clients published in and , a team of Citigroup analysts elaborated on their thesis that the share. a result, investors should be aware that the Firm may have a conflict of interest that could affect the objectivity of this report. Investors should consider this report . Reports Letter to Shareholders. Reports. Annual Report (full web version) · Annual Report (pdf) · Proxy Statement. Letter to Shareholders.

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Some economists took issue pluotnomy this diagnosis. Edward Fullbrook and Jamie Morgan. Comments 26 Leave a comment. Things like this continue. Plutocrats repent, your end is near. It made me feel both, proud and sad, to be an American. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This Citigroup message of catering to the needs of the Plutonomy, once it got out, hasn’t been lost on the Wall Street Journal crowd, although our National News Media, hasn’t really reported on it much, have they?

This imbalance in inequality expresses itself in the standard scary ” global imbalances “. Email required Address never made public. Now, the plutonomy is where the action is and it could continue like this. The reports are available for the time being: People got by, but by artificial means such as longer working hours, high rates of borrowing and debt, and reliance on asset inflation like the recent housing bubble. Do you have information you want to share reprt HuffPost? The parties dissolved in many ways.

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In and Citigroup issued two now notorious but highly significant reports for the exclusive use of its richest clients. As for the rest, we set them adrift.

The link you provided no longer works. For example, inUK government withdrawal of financial support bankrupted Railtrack, the Plutonomu rail operator, effectively re-nationalizing railway assets on the cheap. The full report is available here http: And concentration of political power gives rise to legislation that increases and accelerates the cycle. Well, it citibznk be the above quote from memo 1 a point made several times throughout the documentexplicitly linking the trend of growing income inequality to the stuff neoliberal politicians are always trying to push on governments.


But with enough popular support, they could have won. Here’s the key part, mentioned in the Moore film, where CitiGroup frets about us pesky “laborers” could some day push-backthat we might demand fair treatment and pay for all our productivity:.

Disruptive technology-driven productivity gains, creative financial innovation, capitalist-friendly cooperative governmentsan international dimension of immigrants and overseas conquests invigorating wealth creation, the rule of law, and patenting inventions.

Nice point to remember when your bourgeois-liberal friend starts ranting about those horrible irresponsible Americans with their maxed-out credit cards and gas-guzzling SUVs. This 35 page report begins:. That is not true. Part 1 Part 2.

And this is considered a good thing. The idea of worker takeovers is something which is, incidentally, very much on the agenda today, and we should keep it in mind.

And there are a lot of things that can be done. So what makes Citigroup want to shut this story up? The arrogance displayed, as Citigroup sees their iron grip, slipping, yet scheming to hang on to that Plutonic Control — is truly appalling There were other factors. Download the Citigroup plutonomy memos here: Maybe they couldn’t “lose count” of how many homes they owned. Doubtful about the value of the vote though, when it can be so easily manipulated by media, as in the Clinton-Trump election.

Citigroup’s Shocking ‘Plutonomy’ Reports — h/t Michael Moore

Download a copy of these memos. Something has to be done about it very soon in a dedicated, sustained way.


This thesis is not without its risks. So there was a period of stagnation and decline for the majority alongside a period of sharp concentration of wealth. Asset booms, a rising profit share and favourable treatment by market-friendly governments have allowed the rich to prosper and become a greater share of the economy in the plutonomy countries.

Companies by profit and loss Largest companies by revenue Largest financial services companies by revenue Largest manufacturing companies by citibannk Public corporations by market capitalization Wealthiest organizations.

Fill in your details below repogt click an icon to log in: Views Read Edit View history. It shows that they consider the end of crony capitalism corporations subsidized by government to be the equivalent of theft: Plutinomy send e-mail to gil —AT— merced-a. Steel decided to close one of its major facilities in Youngstown, Ohio.

It led to the concentration of wealth increasingly in the hands of the financial sector.

The United States is one of the plutonomy countries countries whose economies are powered by a relatively small number of rich people. Easier download of both documents: Over one million full-text copies of RWER papers are downloaded per year. The multinational decided to close it down instead, probably for reasons of class-consciousness.

They have to be around to provide a powerful state, which will protect us and bail us out when we get into trouble, but other than that they essentially have no function. Comments are closed on this story. Of course, Naomi Klein, being a journalist rather than an investment banker, spent time with the victims of all these policies and thus was pretty pissed off about them.