Conn Iggulden is the author of Genghis: Birth of an Empire, the first novel in the series, as well as the Emperor novels, which chronicle the life of Julius Caesar. Iggulden, coauthor of the megaseller The Dangerous Book for Boys, continues his masterful series on Genghis Khan (following Genghis: Birt. For centuries, primitive tribes have warred with one another. Now, under Genghis Khan—a man who lives for battle and blood—they have united.

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While the story wasn’t as gripping as Birth of an Empire, it was still good. Since this series was written on the view point of Genghis and the Mongol Empire, therefore the Chi Empire and their royal family are more or less being painted as the ‘bad guys’ the author reasons that the Chi Emperor was responsible for the death of Genghis’ fatherstill fortunately the author didn’t rely too much on such justification.

They meet the age-old enemy the Chin and the battle Leader Genghis Khan continues to sweep all before him showing a vision for an empire that will stand long after he has gone. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find lores new favourite book. Iggulden’s novels really help donn to experience the charms of historical novels I’m not a huge fan of this genre, mind youmy knowledge on Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire is mostly from what I’d read in my highschool textbooks, but Mr.

The first time through put a markedly bad taste in my mouth after about a hundred and fifty pages and I gave up. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Now the acclaimed author of Genghis: Kokchu was interesting, if weird and gross. Additionally, it’s clear that we’re no longer supposed to focus only on Genghis, but also his brothers, and there was enough to leave me intrigued as to what they’d do next. In the city of Yenking—modern-day Beijing—the Chin will make their final stand, confident behind their towering walls, setting a trap for the Mongol raiders.


In the city of Yenking–modern-day Beijing–the Chin will make their final stand, confident behind their towering walls, setting a trap for the Mongol raiders. There is very little shown in terms of planning and development for these battles. Close to the end of the summer, the Uighurs arrive.

Beside Genghis, I like how his brothers are having more roles to play instead of being the mere followers of Genghis in the previous book. The various troubles within his own growing family oof in his army as a whole are very well conceived and played out.

HarperCollins Publishers Limited Availability: The story is not weighed down with description, yet the writing is not dull. But Kords will strike with breathtaking audacity, never ceasing until the Emperor himself is forced to kneel. As I stated previously in my review of that first installment, Iggulden does a superior job of making this complex, enigmatic figure come to life. Le nostre vite sono come uccelli che volano davanti a una finestra illuminata per poi tornare nel buio.

Please try again later. Books by Conn Iggulden. The author paints a credible picture of Genghis Khan’s temperament and psychological tendencies in his decision-making processes and in his dealings with his family, his tribesmen and his enemies. Languages Vow Edit links.

The book follows Genghis’ completion of the consolidation of the disparate Mongol tribes and subsequent campaigns against the Western Xia and Jin empires. His characters are realistic and the history is closely matched.

Genghis: Lords of the Bow

Birth of an Empirebut I think that was more a result of my fussy, unreasonable expectations than any patent failure of quality in the text itself. Quite brilliant battle sequences, subtle espionage in the Chin cities, politics, betrayal, love, death, decapitation, mayhem, chaos and more decapitation.

And it seems their cohesion relied heavily on war, but with no grand vision of what to build in peace time. The book wasn’t bad, but not as good as the first. If the first book of the series covered Genghis’ troubled youth, in Lords of the Bow we see a full grown leader on a warpath. He’s even funny at times, afraid ot his two wives becoming closer.


A man who lived for battle and blood, Genghis leads his warriors across the Gobi Desert and into a realm his people had never seen before—with gleaming igguden, soaring walls, and canals. All obw the secondary characters have their own sub plots, which work well in increasing the tension throughout and providing at times an almost Arthurian intrigue.

The author does a great job bringing the characters to life in a believable fashion. Sopra ogni cosa, rispettano il successo. I did not read the first book in this series, and maybe I should have.

Lords of the Bow

It is jaw dropping to appreciate all the elements the Mongol armies brought to bear in conquering cities and regions, that were so much more advanced than anything that came before.

He cared about his people deeply, and they in turn cared deeply for him. Whether this is the dive in quality after the first book that I imagine it to be I don’t know but it’s bad enough to make sure I don’t read any of the others in the series. Categories Fiction Non-fiction Children’s books Authors. Sep 17, Tosh rated it liked it Shelves: Retrieved from ” http: It wouldn’t take much for me to leave cube land and ride with the Khan.

Lords of the Bow (Conqueror , book 2) by Conn Iggulden

Iggulden is so good at what he does, his books are like a film – with professional actors. On the other, how can I root for a Mongol leader over a Xi Xia leader when the Xi Xia are the ones defending their homes? However, the way the writin At times I was disappointed with this book. I just had to get past the idea of hanging onto even the slightest shred of 21st century Western ideas like, oh