In and Around the Corsair Obsidian D. I’ll cut right to the chase, this thing is enormous. It was shipped to me freight, on its own pallet of one. Before we get too much further into this review, I want to be absolutely clear about how the Obsidian D is being evaluated, because it’s a. Now, the company is one-upping itself with the Obsidian D. For instance, there weren’t any instructions on how to remove the top cover.

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All of the heft may have screamed “I’m loaded with illicit drugs” or “Open me if you enjoy illegal arms shipments. Below all of those is a single panel that pops out to reveal the front fan mounts along with their removable filter.

Opening the manual you are given a two page diagram of the chassis. After benchmarking the first configuration, I swapped out all of the case fans, installed a fan controller and water cooling system, and replaced the Opteron-powered workstation with a highly-overclocked gaming configuration. Get to the back of the D and you’ll see it’s almost all ventilation, but the patterns are tasteful and stylish, and it’s obvious there’s a lot of room behind the motherboard tray for routing cables.

Note that installing a radiator in the bottom chamber does mean sacrificing those drive msnual. LAN parties here I come. Corsair keeps the other bulk of radiator potential in the bottom of the enclosure, where you can theoretically install a mm radiator on one side and a mm radiator on the other, with mm of radiator clearance to the PSU.


The clearance is there, and though it would intrude on the radiator space somewhat, it would also free up radiator space in the bottom. The hardware 900 is found inside of the lowest hot-swap bay, and above pictured is what it contained. Also, don’t search the accessory box for an ATX12V extension cable; it is already mounted at the rear of the motherboard plate.

Corsair Obsidian 900D Case Review: Think Big, That’s Only HALF as Large

This corrects for the extra clearance that side-oriented SATA ports require, something few case manufacturers actually account for. Building a custom loop is expensive and time consuming, which mznual make that type of enclosure the very definition of niche. The first challenges the D in its stock configuration with two of the warmest Opteron processors I could find and two hot-running FirePro W graphics cards. Outside Corsair’s Obsidian D. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website.

Yeah, they’re not screwing around. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Ordinarily I’m on the fence about windows, but with something like the D I think it would be ridiculous not to have one. The Corsair D maanual ultimately an exceptionally well built enclosure. Open up the D and Corsair has a heck of a lot going on with effectively a smart two chamber system.

Finally, behind the motherboard tray, Corsair actually includes latches for cable routing. Corsair uses a combination of aluminum and steel for the chassis that’s both attractive maanual sturdy.

Corsair Obsidian Series 900D Super-Tower Chassis Review

Subscribe to our newsletter. Corsair Obsidian D Case Review: Understandably, Corsair is concerned that external stresses could lead to minor deformations of the 900e chassis.


Motherboard Installation And Cable Management.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website. Meanwhile, the two bottom doors are also hinged at the bottom, and though they don’t come off, they’re easily pushed open from behind.

Why wouldn’t it be? Unfortunately in the front of the case, there’s a slight spacing between the topmost mm fan and the two bottom ones, so that essentially means you can only install a single mm radiator; there does appear to be space to install a single mm radiator and fan instead if you’re so inclined. You can find products similar to this one for sale below.

Installing Optical Drives Page Riding high on their liquid cooling legacy with the popular Obsidian D, Corsair has developed a positively massive enclosure that’s designed essentially to hold the most powerful desktop machine you can conceive of while providing ample space to mount radiators and all the accoutrements of liquid cooling. There is the angles screw driver at the left for getting in and tightening the screws in the expansion slots.

Corsair Obsidian D Review: Making Room For High-End Gear

Scythe Kaze Master Pro. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. It’s amazing how much heat you can kick out using OpenCL-enabled benchmarks on high-end hardware like this.