Specifications. Power output: watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo). Surround output: W (front), W (center), W (rear). Frequency response: 10Hz to. Denon has unveiled its latest proposition: the AVC-A1HD: a networkable THX Ultra2 amplifier (with both b/g wireless wi-fi and Ethernet). Preview: Denon AVC-A1XV, a AV and multi-room receiver, the largest, heaviest, most powerful, most flexible and undoubtedly the best AV.

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Playback using the external input EXT.

Test tones are automatically emitted from each speaker. In addition, MultEQ XT detects the proper crossover point avx-a1xv determines correct frequency response for up to eight listener positions simultaneously.

Denon AVC-A1XV Stereo Power Amplifier

Connect as shown on the diagram below. Manual search forward and reverse: Fader Function Ajust the level of the selected speaker. Be sure to keep this manual for future reference should any questions or problems arise.

For details, see page However, there’s no doubt this is a superior piece of AV hardware.

DENON AVC-A1XV Operating Instructions Manual

The primary handset is an electroluminescent design with a touchscreen interface, but display illumination is rather dull, and the graphics are not especially clear. The GUI is undeniably a step in the right direction, but it exacts a price debon the amount of acclimatisation required.

Display the parameter screen. Surround The AVC-A1XV is equipped with a digital signal processing circuit that lets avc-a11xv play program sources in the surround mode to achieve the same sense of presence as in a movie theater.


The preset codes are as follows upon shipment from the factory and the component whose signals you after resetting: Don’t have an account? Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Through its ten fully discrete watt amplifiers and comprehensive processing capabilities, the AVC-A1XV provides integrators and end users with outstanding set-up and operation options.

The dynamic range is not compressed. In this case, the connection information is cleared when the power of the connected device or the AVC-A1XV is turned off, so the selection procedure must be performed again.

N e x t Select the speaker avc-1axv. It then analyses and calibrates speaker level, size, and distance. Display the Surround Parameter menu. The rule is that once musical information has been lost, it can never be accurately reinvented, though the feature does avf-a1xv a listening experience that may denom interpreted as more pleasing.

Channel Setup Connection Main Subwoofer 9. Playing Audio Sources cds And Dvds With discs on which special copyright protection measures have been taken, however, the digital signals may not be output from the DVD player. Remote control unit NOTE: In our labs we measured real world two-channel performance at W, dropping to W-per- channel with five channels driven. This is a powerful amplifier which cruises with the greatest of ease and transparency at high SPLs, and which does justice to some very fine speakers that are not ordinarily easy to please – Yamaha’s Soavo range for example, or Monitor Audio Precisions.


The AVC-A1XV sets the mode automatically according to the types of speakers set during the system setup process pages 46, It is a natural for multichannel audio and video, of course, and with its high-end video processing, it is an obvious good fit with Blu- ray.

System Setup Press this to display the system setup menu.


Be sure to turn this function off before performing the Auto Setup procedure. Please place the measuring microphone at ear height at the main listening position. Setting The Dolby Digital Setup If the condition cannot be corrected by powering off the unit, including disconnection of the AC cord for a period of ten minutes and subsequent re-connection, then the unit may have to be re-initialized. The Option Setup menu reappears. Setting the Dolby Digital Setup Sets the down-mixing method when not using a center speaker or surround speakers.

At first sight, and despite the humanizing effect of the wave-like front-panel profile, the Denon looks quite similar to previous high-end amplifiers from the brand, the preceding AVC-A1XV for example. Note that the surround mode setting is also stored separately for the different input sources.