Full text of “Novation Drum Station Owner’s Manual”. See other formats 4 Classic TR V2 Another setup of this timeless classic. 5 ‘Hardcore’ TR Documents, presets, manuals Novation DrumStation – Audiofanzine. Novation Drum Station Manual Pdf MAC – Novation USB Driverdmg · Novation USB Driverexe Impulse – Getting Started · Impulse – Guide de.

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Firstly there is the pitched element which simulates the vibration of skins on a snare shell and a noise element simulates the ‘snare’ chains.

The recognised numbers drujstation this mode are from ’01’ to ’16’. You have the recall of digital memories but with the life and warmth that only original analogue sounds have.

Decay – Rotary This knob controls the time it takes for a torn sound to die away once it has reached full volume. The TR has Level and Tune parameters only. Button Function Display Ident.

The cur- rent mode is indicated by one of five LED’s on the right hand side of the display panel. When the MIDI clock is running the slave unit will play it’s current pattern or song at the same tempo. Use the ‘Drum Select’ function again to change these settings on another drum sound. You can now use your master keyboard or sequencer to play the drum sounds of the currently selected program the D Station Rack is initially set at the factory to receive on MIDI channel Check that the playback channel of the track on your sequencer corresponds to the RX channel of the D station.

Because the D Station Rack’s program numbers begin at ’00’, the next higher number must always be used to call up the correct sound, i.


As the knob is moved in a clockwise direction the longer it takes for the level to drop to zero, producing a longer ‘tail-off’ to the sound. Turn anti-clockwise and the pitch will be low- ered, clockwise and the pitch is raised. Drum 2.00 Controls Display Idents. For your reference, the j full set of sounds from the original units and the method used to re-create them in the D Station are listed below.

The program number displayed will be the one selected prior to power being turned off. As the D Station uses samples for these sounds a Tune control has been added to give the sounds greater dynamic scope. It is used to switch between the two Drumstaiton Cymbals. First, use the ‘Drum Select’ utility to select the drum sound.

When playing back via MIDI, the position of this switch is irrelevant, i. To re-produce the original pitch setting of the TR Snare drum always set this knob to the 12 o’clock position.

MIDI Controllers are transmitted when any drumsound editing knob is adjusted in real-time and these too can be recorded on a MIDI sequencer and reproduced from sequencer playback. Auto- i ” y Trigger tempo is a global setting and is not saved with each program. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Level – Rotary This knob controls the volume of the Hi-Hat on both the stereo and individual outputs. The TR does not include a Cowbell C’BLL If, whilst editing a Program, a sound is selected that does not appear on that particular kit, manaul D Station will automatically switch over to the relevant kit.

Novation Drum Station Owner’s Manual

Each time drmstation go into Utility mode, the selected drum sound will automatically be the one last edited on the front panel. This setting can be saved with the program.


This setting does not affect the transmitted data i. If you edit a factory program, you can only save it in one of the 15 user program locations – just think of the 25 factory programs as a ‘Reference Library’ to take drum kits from. This product, when installed as indicated in the drumstatoon contained in this Manual, meets FCC requirements.

The decay time of cymbals is quite critical especially if they are triggered repeatedly in the bar. Selective Note-Off recognition for each drum sound. At ‘0’ the noise ele- ment is at it’s shortest, producing a ‘tight’ effect. Loading System Exclusive Data Dumps Single Programs 1 If you want to overwrite an existing program, select the ‘Program’ mode and call up the program number you want to use.

To majual an original drum sound, first it must be broken down and analysed so as to identify the various simple waveforms in it’s structure as these can be synthesised more easily.

Documents, presets, manuals Novation DrumStation – Audiofanzine

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You can basically stick it anywhere and and it will not take up much space. The information contained in this manual is believed to be correct at the time of going to press. Certain sounds are only available on each Kit. Having selected the Tom-Tom whose pitch you wish to alter with the select switch, turn anti-clockwise and the pitch will be lowered resulting in a ‘looser’ sound, clockwise and the pitch is raised, as if the skin on a real drum had been tightened.