It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way by John C. Parkin Paperback Book The Cheap. £ Free postage. F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way by John C. Parkin Book. The Fuck It Show Audio by John Parkin. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. More items related to this product. F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way by John C. Parkin . Like a magical modern mantra, just starting to say Fuck Itcan transform your life. To say Fuck Itfeels good. To stop struggling and finally do what you fancy;.

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I thought I got rid of this once and for all, and then Goodreads sends me a mail next day to wa me of it. Parkin is a modern-day spiritual adviser who offers general information in his attempt to provide help to those who seek emotional and spiritual equilibrium.

The Fuck It Show Audio by John Parkin. | eBay

My gun was loaded. The world is such a tense place, and a sense of balance within ourselves needs to be struck soon. I got it the moment I saw the title.

Open Preview See a Problem? If you’re curious to learn more and want to get the coaching tools I’ve extracted from Fuck It, I’ve featured the best ideas from Fuck It, along with an interview with the author at The Bottom-line Bookclub – http: Here it goes then: He isn’t saying that you have to give up your job unless you want to or your friends and family again unless you want tobut rather by saying these words to these situations and people we release any ability they may have to cause us stress.


Those easily offended by profanity should not read this book, although I suspect that the title alone is enough of a deterrent in that aspect.

Jul 05, Lindsay rated it liked it. Parkin began to take himself too seriously. I mean, I wish I was making this up, but the above things are literally what is written in the book. The author spirritual this method to almost every aspect in life and he does it well.

BOOK REVIEW: “F * * k It, The Ultimate Spiritual Way” – John C. Parkin – Grace Guru

After one get’s over the initial “this guy named this book fuck it just to sell some copies” feel, we find in these pages deep ancestral knowledge and instructions for life, all laced in a verbal simplicity that really gets the message across, even if the reader knows nothing of eastern philosophy.

However, what John Parkin does so particularly well is provide the narrative of the “Fuck It Method” in a humourous and care-free way; brilliantly echoing the very concepts he’s trying to teach.

The cover says it all. Spirutual some illnesses don’t get better at all.

F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way

John is a longstanding student of shamanism and Chi Kung. A book that can be judged by its cover, finally. Nothing can actually harm you, and once you ultimately realise that, you will never be scared of anything. Parkin makes an excellent argument about his new philosophy.

This title argues that saying Fuck It is a spiritual act: He has some great ideas and provides plenty of food for thought, and I personally wish he would have left the forms and chi discussion alone. You post interesting articles here. I will ultumate bookmark your site. But this just takes the proverbial biscuit. As soon as he moves on to this idea wzy movement and releasing chi, the book loses some of its charms.


Great insights and I liked the irreverent language too. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

It also entails a reevaluation of all your values to determine ** your life’s end values and goals are really that important to you. But please, for the love of god, use your brain to work out when to improve your life by saying ‘fuck it’ and ceasing to care, and when to improve your life by actually caring and taking proactive steps to make life better.

Jan 11, Teri Temme rated it it was amazing. You can be free if nothing matters to you. But it then goes onto say, that if you do that, you’ll get everything you want.

I chose this novel on a whim and am glad I read it. Oh, and the best part?