The Epic Hero- Beowulf. quote. Beowulf- Tis better for a man to avenge his friends than to spend his days lamenting. from book two page 4. Summary Book one-. Dark and visceral, the graphic novel version of Beowulf created by Gareth Hinds is considered to be one of the most successful adaptations of. 1 • Beowulf Teachers’ Guide adapted and illustrated by. GARETH HINDS. HC: PB: CANDLEWICK PRESS.

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Smartphone and Tablet users click here to sign up for our weekly email. In addition to the text on the page, the image makes immediately clear to the reader two things: In short, Hinds makes clear that this is a text concerned with death.

Occasionally you get the poetic language, and then it fades out entirely in favor of the pictures which is good, it’s a graphic novel, beiwulf the way it’s supposed to bebut then there’s a jarring block of plain text again: Let me just say that I am completely biased when it comes to Beowulf. One of the things I really like about Hinds’s adaptation is related to my relative inexperience with graphic garetb.

garreth Mar 17, David rated it it was ok. Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon are fairly one dimensional in their rage. For fantasy fans both young and old, this makes an ideal introduction to a story without which the entire fantasy genre would look very different; many scenes may be too intense for very young readers. Preview — Beowulf by Gareth Hinds.

Gareth Hinds’ Beowulf

These scenes are completely absent of text, but Hinds’s illustrations are full of texture and meaning, thus telling the story as well as any accompanying text could have.

They were where I found the rest of the story, of course. Hinds deftly conveys emotion in his choice of colors and his use of detail in the drawings. I never thought of Beowulf as a superhero story The artistry is superb and illustrates the story well. I feel that children’s fiction writers beowhlf have to be particularly conscious and careful of what they say. Each chapter begins with a brief narrative paying homage to the cadences of the jinds early verse renditionsbefore giving way to a lengthy, wordless and bloody battle.


Gareth Hinds, Beowulf (2007)

Having not read the original epic poem this hnds novel is my primary source of understanding for what is considered the oldest surviving long poem in Old English and one of the most important works in Old English Literature. Second, I feel vastly underqualified to review graphic literature. Hinds’ interpretation of the titular character is faithful and no liberties are seemingly taken.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Best Books of I would have preferred Hinds veowulf even more liberty with the visual language here and cast the material in a new light.

Still, a good gardth even if there are are a few too many sidenotes. Grendel and his mother were suitably monstrous, and I did enjoy the dark spatters across whole panes to indicate the wanton slaughter and maiming.

Oct 10, R.

This exhilarating graphic novel edition of an ancient classic honors the spirit of the original as it attracts modern readers. I was playing that up. We see ebowulf a silhouette creep into the hall of Heorot before Grendel grabs a soldier by the neck, bites his head off, and drinks the blood as hiinds gushes from the wound. Previous Post Previous Post. If ever you scratched your head while reading the tale of Beowulf, simply peruse this comic.

Feb 06, Madelyn Whitlock added it Shelves: It’s missing a gaareth of the prose, but still a nice collector’s edition for Beowulf fans.


As uninflected as the text of Beowulf is, there is still that aura of what happens around the words that in a graphic presentation would be superfluous. Now that I have seen Santiago Garcia and David Rubin’s version, which gets at more of Beowulf’s story and captures more of the drama and power, I am inclined to say this is still good artwork, and maybe still the best I have seen of Hinds’s classics adaptations, but not as effective as this newer Beowulf.

The colors lent emotion and tone to the story. A beautiful peace of literature if I have ever seen one. Obvio This is a decent graphic novel adaptation of Beowulf, which gives a good impression of the three main fights that dominate the poem.

All of this brings a dismal, haunting setting filled with hidden power. This is a hard book to review. Gareth Hinds does graphics for computer games and apparently reinvents classics as graphic novels in his spare time. The first two books, those about Grendel and Grendel’s Mother, are hard to read because the art is so messy and the panels are arranged so that people unfamiliar with the poem would probably have a tough time.

Speeches filled with courage and sadness, lightning-paced contests of muscle and will, and funeral boats burning on the fjords are all rendered in glorious and gruesome detail.

Just look at how many times this book has been reproduced. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. The opening illustration beautifully reflects the brief story of King Scyld and his death and burial at sea as something that happened long ago: