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Alle Produktterme sind nachstehend in All product terms are referred to in 7 7 detailliert dargestellt.

DE3836205C2 – – Google Patents

Different cells have different numbers of crossing tracks so that the lines pass through, depending on their position in the line of cells, with the later cells usually require more tracks. The numbers to the right of each cell in Fig. All of these disclosed multiplication circuits illustrate the basic layout irregularity that is characteristic of tree multiplier architectures. Method for dividing any-length operands respectively normalized at the beginning for data processing equipment and digital divider for carrying out the method.

Die beiden Matrix-Schaltungsgruppen 7 und 8 sind gleich aufgebaut. The encoding for the carry outputs C out and C is ambiguous, providing flexibility in design. Alternatively, the accumulator with the multiplier could be integrated by an additional number of adders is added to the multiplier array and the two-word result is supplied to the vector merging.

In this way, even more regularity can be obtained, albeit at the cost of slightly less optimal adder. In In 1 1 besteht die Ebene 1 aus einem Satz von 4-zuKomprimiererschaltungen wie z.

It also generates a partial sum for a level 2 compressor in the same tree as itself. That is, typically the accumulator adds or subtracts the result of the multiplication to the previous accumulated value. Each compressor circuit C in level 1 takes four inputs from level 0, such. In the article, reference was made to the advance. Multi-operand floating point operations in a programmable integrated circuit device.

Die Untermatrizes bestehen aus Reihen von Volladdierern zusammen mit den Partialproduktgeneratoren. Matrix multiplier multiplies which two numbers of a plurality of bits by means of circuit groups in bit-parallel, in which the unit circuits, such as half-adders and full adders are arranged in a matrix, characterized in that these circuit groups, in a first matrix circuit group 8 corresponding to the partial products of the upper matrix rows in a second matrix circuit set 7 being such divided in accordance with the partial products of the bottom matrix row and in a third circuit group 4that the third circuit group 4the sums of the partial products time-parallel formed of the first and the second matrix circuit group 78 are added to form the final product.


GB Free format text: A further advantage is that, so that only two signal tracks need be provided in the arrangement, apart from the connections between its main array stages, all connections are local, no matter how large it is scaled.

EP0413916B1 – Elektro-optischer Volladdierer – Google Patents

If there are two or three is at the inputs, there will be one and only one 1 in the carry outputs either C or C out and the other carry output will be a zero. DE Date of ref document: Instead the carry out of half-adder 2C 1 is inverted and fed into half-adder H in bit position 33 of main stage MS3. The numbers in the figure represent the delays at the output of each gate. Additional delay elements could be added where it is necessary to handle volladsierer residual imbalance as shown by T.

Circuit de multiplication selon la revendication 1, dans lequel au moins l’un desdits circuits compresseurs, comprend: The Hekstra-Multipliziererarchitektur halbaddiefer a structure based on a “matrix of matrices”, which consists of a number of sub-arrays, which generate a series of partial sums, which are fed into a main array adding said partial sums to form the productDie Hauptmatrixstufen bestehen aus zwei Reihen von Volladdierern in einer Vier-zu-Zwei-Reduziererkonfiguration.

In other words, like the compressor of 8 8th ist die Schaltung in the circuit is in 9 9 auch symmetrisch.

Das Ergebnis ist ein Produkt, das auch in Zweierkomplement-Schreibweise vorliegt. The sizes of the subarrays vary and have been carefully chosen to balance the propagation delays so that addends arrive at a main array stage simultaneously with the partial sum of the previous stage.

Further, the four-to-two compressor circuits C are of two types, asymmetric for at least the subarray stage SA 31 in Fig. Each of these adders is well known in the art. These spurious transitions also propagate to subsequent stages, resulting in a growing number of transitions from one stage to the next.

However, because tree multipliers require large shifts of data perpendicular to the data path, their implementation is routing intensive, requiring a larger circuit area than array multipliers. Only half of the connections between cells are local whereas the other half require routing through one or more intervening cells.

Each cell in Fig. The asymmetric compressor used whenever not all of their input signals simultaneously. In order to maintain the proper delay balance, the subarray CSA2 consists of a full adder cell F and a compressor circuit C so that the partial sum generated by the subarray CSA2 arrives simultaneously with that of first main stage MS1 at the second Hauptstufenaddierer MS2.


B1 Designated state s: In particular, if the number of 1’s in the five input bits is odd, S 1; S ist ansonsten 0.

DEC2 – – Google Patents

With each extra level added to the tree hierarchy, the length of nonlocal wires doubles, so that whereas connection of level 0 cell and level 1 cells requires nonlocal wires 15 that are two cells long, some connections between levels 1 and 2 require nonlocal wires 17 that are four cells long and certain connection between levels 2 and 3 require wiring 19 which is eight cells long. That is, typically the accumulator will add or subtract the result of the multiplication to the previous accumulated value.

Adder-rounder circuitry for specialized processing block in programmable logic device. The two matrix circuit groups 7 and 8 have the same structure. In the third circuit group 4, the addition in three steps or stages, which two steps are more than one step according to the multiplier according to the prior art, the greater the number to process the bits, however, takes place, the greater by Verminde the adder tion achievable effect.

The small rectangular elements with diagonal hatching refer to product volladdisrer generators. A3 Designated state s: This is for speed reasons, to avoid ripple through the bit positions, as in C from the bit position of next lower significance and at the same level in the hierarchy is derived.

Each successive level reduces the number of partial sums to half, so that the number of necessary levels is and hence the propagation delay of the order of log N where N is the number of partial products to be summed.

Particular embodiments are set out in the dependent claims. Thus, it offers to an alternative to the compact and regular, but slow, array multiplier architecture and to the fast, but irregular and large circuit area, tree multiplier architectures, like the Wallace tree multiplier.

The multiplier is the slowest part of a digital signal processor, so any improvement in the speed of the multiplier halbaddiere improve the overall speed of the processor.