Inventor: Plauson Hermann; Original Assignee: Plauson Hermann; Priority date H PLAUSON CONVERSION OF’ATMOSPHE’R IC ELECTRIC ENERGY v. Conversion of atmospheric electric energy. United States Patent Inventors: Hermann, Plauson. Application Number: USA. Publication Date. Hermann Plauson was an Estonian engineer and inventor. Plauson investigated the production of energy and power via atmospheric electricity. Biography.

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B is the air balloon, K a Cardan ring connection with the hawserC the balloon, L a good connecting cable, P a positive pole, N negative incandescent cathode, and E earth conductor. Instead of the induction coil the condenser may also b constructed in the rotor.

On the surface of the plajson balloon metal points or spikes are also fixed along the ribs, which spikes serve particularly for collecting the collector charge. On both rings an equal number of stator surfaces are mounted side by side but well insulated from one another and thus form an electrostatic field similar to the electromagnetic in many alternating current machines.

Hermann Plauson

On the surface of the collectorballoon metal points or spikes are also fixed along the ribs, which spikes serve particularly for collecting the collector charge. Oscillation producers inserted in the above way form a constantly acting electromagnetic alternating field in the collector coil, whereby as already stated, a considerable accumulating effect takes place. On this he places a layer of asphalt, and then a layer of cast glass, three to ten feet thick, and then comes a reinforced concrete foundation, to which the metallic foot of the tower is to be anchored.

In addition to the advantages hereinbefore set forth, the construction of connecting conductors in coil form when of sufficiently large diameter, allows of a utilization of energy arising in higher regions also in the simplest way.

In practice these vacuum tubes must be connected behind an electromagnet as the latter alone affords no protection against the danger of lightning. Special kinds of motors adapted for working with these peculiar electrical charges may be connected at 14 and 15 which can work with static electricity charges or with high frequency oscillations.

It was further ascertained that this way of using the atmospheric electricity produced a sort of suction on the collector network, and that thus suitable greater quantities of current could be obtained. The high frequency of the oscillations produced in the primary circuit induces waves of the same periodicity in the secondary circuit. Plauson investigated the production of energy and power via atmospheric electricity. The wind will impart a portion of its energy in the form of frictional electricity, to the balloon casing, and thereby the collecting effect is substantially increased.

It is based on the well known principle that a mercury lamp, one electrode of which is formed of mercury, the other of solid metal such as steel allows an electric charge to pass in only one direction from the mercury to the steel and not vice versa.


In Figure 34 this is further connected over the condenser battery 5 with a second positive electrode 3. Flame collectors Figure 37 may also be employed according to this invention. The static electricity is converted through a spark gap into dynamic energy of a high number of oscillations and may in such form be coupled as a source of energy b y means of a suitable method f connecting, various precautions being observed and with special regulations.

We had occasion, in one of our former issues, to describe the system, roughly, from cabled dispatches, but complete information is available now. The winding may be made of primary and secondary windings in the form of a transformer. The first oscillation circuit passes from aerial A through electromagnet S, point xinductance 9a to the earth condenser 6 and further, over spark gap 7 to the aerial condenser 5 and back to x.

One of them shows the use of a kite balloon. No means are known of protecting the apparatus from destruction by lightning. By the formation of this opposing voltage a sufficiently high resistance is offered to the flow of atmospheric electricity direct to earth to prevent a short circuit with the earth. As an alternating field is present, the negative ions surrounding the collectors surfaces, when discharge of the collector surfaces takes place produce by the law of induction, an induction of reversed sign on the collector surface and so forth that is to say again a positive charge.

Further, such currents have the property of being directly available for various uses, even without employing them for driving motors, of which there may be particularly mentioned, lighting, production of heat and use in electro-chemistry. The windings of these electromagnets may be simply connected in series with the aerials. Mold is an unpleasant surprise that can cause health issues for your family. In this case the winding preferably consists of several thin parallel wires, which make up together, the necessary section.

Instead of directly connecting the condenser motor of course the primary circuit for high frequency oscillatory current may also be inserted. Having now particularly described and ascertain the nature of our said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, we declare that what we claim is: As thereby in addition to atmospheric electricity also magnetic earth currents and energy from the higher atmosphere at leas partially may be simultaneously obtained, this last system for collecting the atmospheric energy is of particular importance for the future.

Hermann Plauson: Conversion of Atmospheric Electricity (Articles & patents)

A coil with several windings should act the best. It is however, not known that the quantities of current which could hitherto be obtained are too small for technical purposes. Schoops metal spraying process, may however also be employed; A’ In addition tometal balloons, fabric bal-f 4 metallic surfacemay also be produced by f lacquering with metallic bronzes, preferably ‘accordingto Schoops spraying process or lacqu’ering with metallic bronze powders in two electrical series of widely different metals, because therebythe collecting effect is considerably increase I Instead of: In less than a century, the city of Miami could be underwater.


Such a condenser may be compared with a spring which when compressed carries in itself accumulated force, which it again gives off when released. It is advised that polonium or radium salts be added to the plating bath.

The small circles on the collector balloon indicate places at which zinc amalgam or gold amalgam or other photoelectric acting metals in the form of small patches in extremely thin layers 0. In similar manner this collector conductor will react on earth current more particularly when they are near the surface of the earth or even embedded in the earth.

US1540998A – Conversion of atmospheric electric energy – Google Patents

The balloon, when made airtight, is filled with hydrogen or better, with helium. The working circuit may be carried out in the same way as in Figure 34; the working gap hernann may however be dispensed with, and instead thereof between the points m and n a condenser 5 and an induction resistance 9 may be inserted herman which the current is taken inductively. It was also observed that the motors in such forms of construction were plausln to be more sensitive to resonance plausin.

The consequence of this is that the radius of action of the incandescent cathode collector is considerably increased and thereby also the collection effect of the collecting balloon surface. A motor adapted to operate with static charges will for the plaison of simplicity be diagrammatically indicated by the two semicircles 1 and 2 and the rotor of the motor by a ring M Figure 3. Of course everywhere instead of spark gaps grid vacuum tubes may be employed as producers for undamped oscillations.

As the spark gap 78 forms a closed circuit with condensers 6 and’5, and inductive resistance 9, as is well known, hhermann of high frequenc electromagnetic oscillations will pass in t is circuit. In all these cases the current must be converted into a current of suitable periodicity. In the case of high voltages in the aerial network or at places where there are frequent thunder storms, several such magnets may however be connected in series. The spark gap casing must also be insulated and be of sufficient strength to be able to resist any pressure herjann may arise.

It has now been found that if the network conductor connecting the aerial collector balloons with one another is not made as a simple annular conductor, but preferably short circuited in the form of coils over a condenser battery or spark gap or through thermionic tubes or valves or audions, then the total collecting network exhibits quite new properties.