These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume 8. Cover. Hidan no Aria Volume 8 Aria08 jpg. Aria08 jpg. Hidan no Aria where he met the Butei high “Assault” department elite, Aria H. Kanzaki. Alternative Names. 緋弾のアリア; Aria the Scarlet Ammo Volume Chapter Epilogue. Epilogue: Go For The NEXT!! The Spiral Sky Tree -Tornado High-. “C-Could you be a ”Cross-dressing Student” ” Stunned, I blurted out.

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Certainly, it seemed that Aria had only lost consciousness If it’s this, I think I’ll somehow be able to tide it over. While Kinji himself, does not.

With a field trip coming up, Kinji must use the time to persuade her to free him. Now that ariia mention it, that did happen. That stuff we salvaged make really good materials. And she was saying: Image not available Photos not available for this variation. Therefore, respect thine elders more! It’s fine because it’s quiet piano music, but the sound was still on too.

You seem like a good person. She’ll get something back if it is taken away. Oh Lord, forgive me; Gulp Gulp In the midst of the entire Baskerville becoming silent, Reki In response to Aria, who had stuck her pistols out, aiming at Fuuma, Riko and I leapt in from the left and right. I had thought that it was an explosive, but that wasn’t it.


On the other hand, your blood is like century old wine. It does seem like she really likes it though. Whether it be Tamamo or this person, I wonder;when they have finished their work, do the people of ‘Deen’ feast?

From the looks of it……this fellow is a cross-dressing student. At this kind of time, I need to be more alert of girls’ gossiping than ever. Even though I’m being talked to about it, I don’t understand, and I don’t really understand what’s interesting about the drama in romance.

I will bury you here. The current scene looks like a power outage.

You failed modern literature, didn’t you? Hilda, For you, father and daughter, there exists a debt because I had introduced you to IU.

Volume 20 – Superconductivity of Love and War

Apparently finished with stating the rules, Jeanne called out the names of the three women who were talking earlier. This includes changing the meaning of the text; no permission is required. Strandrd on an abandoned Island near the South Sea, enemies Kinji and Admiral Nemo are isolated from their allies, the rest of society, and resources integral for survival.

As a reward attached to the ‘Kin’. If she wasn’t a witch, she was a fake.

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At the opening ceremony, “So-something like romance But now, a fighter has entered Rome to engage him in batitle, who can overturn this name. Looking around, there were many first years holding boxes and walking around Kinji goes alone to rescue his partner.


I was always thinking about Mama The style of battle was rather ancient, but volue wasn’t nonexistent. And I was really ihdan. Kinji has managed to acquire some info on GIII. In a room with nobody else in it! Butei High is hell. As he is her partner, she drags Kinji into the mission.

Volume 17 – Recitativo

Your mother will be innocent. Retrieved December 18, Looking at Riko and Hiraga-san, who had started singing as they waved their hands around like they were cheering, I already felt like saying ‘that’s enough’.

Now he yidan his toughest challenge yet, ariq face off with IU’s leader, to settle matters with the organization once and for all. Of the American army. I’ll just play along for now. But this average life is short lived as his new friend is taken hostage by the Kagataka Family Syndicate.

The nun of the Vatican, Meiya is in ‘Deen’. Don’t ask about something that you don’t even need to ask about. Just the two of us! All chance of this goes out the window when he gets caught up in a bike bombing by the Butei Killer.

Finale Maid Sama! Really, really, reaaa—lly, I don’t care at all!