Hypercompetition is rapid and dynamic competition characterized by unsustainable advantage. D’Aveni, R & Gunther, R Hypercompetition – Hypercompetitive Rivalries. accessed 01/11/; D’Aveni, Richard (). ” Waking up to the New. Using detailed examples from hypercompetitive industries such as computers, alike – a perfect introduction to the battlefield of hypercompetitive rivalries. For my last strategy class at Indiana University, we read the book, “ Hypercompetitive Rivalries”, by Richard D’Aveni. The first four chapters.

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Using detailed examples from hypercompetitive industries such as computers, automobiles and pharmaceuticals, D’Aveni demonstrates how hypercompetitive firms succeed by disrupting the status quo and creating a continuous series of temporary advantages.

This move toward higher value lower-price, high-quality products continues to approach the point UV on Figureultimate value. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover!

He presents an extensive discussion of competitor analysis and tools for analyzing the future evolution of the industry, including product life cycles and changing buyer behaviors. Price wars are not so simple, however. As we saw in Tylenol’s battle with Datril, price wars are brutal. This begins to shift the focus of competition from price to quality and service. This view does not look at potential competitive responses and future actions in the market.

John rated it really liked it Mar 10, He constructs a compre-hensive model that shows how firms move up “escalation ladders” as advantage is continually created, eroded, destroyed, and recreated through strategic maneuvering in “four arenas” of competition. They then moved up. It differentiated specific brands of bathroom tissues, sanitary napkins, and disposable diapers.

Hypercompetitive rivalries : competing in highly dynamic environments in SearchWorks catalog

It also exported its technology. But competition on cost and quality are viewed from the more static hypercompetigive of the generic strategies. Justin added it Dec 24, This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat Jarren marked it as to-read Dec 10, Datril offered the same formula medicine for a lower price, capturing half of Tylenol’s sales in test markets in In addition to this company, I can think of so many examples where these stages occur. At hypercpmpetitive high end the differentiators continue to jockey for position, lowering price or raising quality, moving toward higher value.


Its sales plummeted, and the company debated whether to stay in the disposable market. If the distance between D and L is small, on the other hand, entrants can attack by outflanking at the high end or low end of the market.

Wendy’s, and others, later entered with larger portions, salad bars, and hypercommpetitive quality at higher prices.

Often a characteristic of new markets and industries, hypercompetition occurs when technologies or offerings are so new that standards and rules are in flux, resulting in competitive advantages and profits resulting from such competitive advantages cannot be sustained. Burger King, competing directly with McDonald’s on price, dropped price and increased variety to offer higher quality, moving to B2. This option, which we will discuss in greater detail in the next chapter, gives the company more maneuvering room.

Publication date Note Rev. Even if the innovator does not license the new process as Pilkington did, other competitors will eventually catch up or surpass this level of quality and cost, restarting the competition at a higher level.

So all firms will try to keep their prices at the lowest possible levels to gain economies of scale to further lower their costs. Companies have staked out positions along a full line of products from basic four-cup machines to combined coffeemakers and expresso machines. Price may vary by retailer. This movement has been speeded up by practices such hypercompettitive the benchmarking of best-in-class competitors. In the course, we discussed the Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery who makes high-end aged bourbon that takes around 25 years to make.

It was used to introduce Swatch watches with an aggressive media campaign, a new type of quality based on fashion, and new distribution channels. Some firms move from point C in Figure to what Porter calls the low-cost producer position Loffering a lower price and a lower-quality product. If managers decide to raise prices, they can do so by raising the market price or reducing margins for distributors.


If the low-cost producer does not capture hypercmopetitive entire market, the second- or third-lowest-cost producers move into this opening with goods at their higher costs.

This strategy satisfies the pressure on the low-cost producer for short-term profits and allows the company to share the market with a smaller, higher-cost player for antitrust reasons. Industries readjust their minimum acceptable level of quality and maximum acceptable price required to be a hypercompetituve in the marketplace.

Home About Contact Me. D’Aveni argues that a company must fundamentally shift its strategic focus.

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This puts the company involved in price-competitive markets at the mercy of fluctuations in demand. They simply move rivalrie it by a gradual drift. There are, instead, distinct market segments with completely different critical success factors. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Whereas Pilkington’s process innovation transformed both quality and price simultaneously in the industry, slower strategies call for a two-step process in changing these two factors. This even happens in industries that have reached an equilibrium, with low-cost producers staking out the low end, differentiators staking out the high end, and fringe players focusing on small segments in between.

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Through downstream vertical integration Kimberly-Clark transformed itself from a lumber and paper company into a consumer-products company. Inwhen Luvs introduced separate diapers for boys and girls, it surged past Huggies Supertrim to become the number one brand in food store sales.

Over time, the market becomes commodity-like when all firms evolve to the same low price and high quality position.

Hypercompetition – Wikipedia

Because of the high level of variety in the industry, there continues to be competition along a broad spectrum. This full-line producer strategy has been so successful that it has built some of the largest firms like GM and IBM in the world.

This keeps everyone happy, hypercimpetitive the customer.