Ida Scudder was born in , in Ranipet, Madras Presidency, India. In , her family returned briefly to the United States following a cholera epidemic and. Ida Scudder wanted to leave hot, overcrowded India for the good life. If asked to define the good life, she would have replied, “America and marriage to a. In John Scudder left his growing practice in New York City and sailed for Ida Scudder was born in India in and grew up well-acquainted with the.

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Ida Scudder biograpuy Vellore New York: Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Many single-sentence paragraphs, spelling errors, non-neutral language Please help improve this section if you can.

Inthe hospital’s nurses-training program was expanded into a regular school of nursing. Women sscudder World History: Her father died insoon after she arrived in India.

Ida Scudder Changed Her Mind

I think that was the first time I ever met God face-to-face, and all that time it seemed that He was calling me into this work. She soon found herself in sole charge of a school of sixty-eight girls. By providing for the education of locals in medical techniques, she assured the continuance of health care in the area around Vellore and released it from reliance on itinerant doctors and the presence of missionaries from foreign countries.

Her name is a famous one in India. This extraordinary white-haired woman has, at 72, a spring in her step, a sparkle in her eye and the skilled, strong hands of a surgeon of Yet, she continued to encounter superstitious practices that counteracted her best efforts. During these years and following Scudder became widely recognized for her accomplishments.

Although she had originally rebelled against the family business of missionary work, her return to India to help her ill mother began a process of acceptance and inspiration. Scudder of Vellore, India. During her lifetime she saw her medical center become one of the largest in all Asia, the departments multiply to include radiation-oncology under her niece and name sake, Dr.


She vowed then to get a medical degree, so that she scudderr work in India as a much-needed female physician. McGraw-Hill,5. This experience of the death of three women due to lack of a female doctor convinced Ida Sophia that Scudded wanted her to become a female physician to help the women of India.

I went to bed in the early morning after praying much for guidance. The Story of Dr.

For many, Including John R. She transferred to Cornell Medical College for her final year, receiving her M. The rain outside had been as wild as her own fourteen-year-old helpless grief. In two years, she treated 5, patients. InMahatma Idw visited the medical school.

In ground was broken for the “Hillsite” medical school campus on acres 0. Scudder journeyed to the family’s new post of Tindivanam, India, in Views Read Edit View history. Again I shut myself in my room and thought very seriously about the condition of the Indian women and after much thought and prayer, I went to my father and mother and told them that I must go home and study medicine, and come back to India to help such biogfaphy. During one traumatic night of her stay, Scudder’s life changed dramatically.

Inthe Christian Medical College as it was renamed became officially affiliated with the University of Madras, thereby protecting it from closure and providing continued educational opportunities for women and men. Of the nine who survived to adulthood, seven became missionaries, most of them specializing in medicine like their father.


Sixty-three years earlier this tenacious woman had been denied mission-board support because of frailty. Becoming a missionary was not something he had contemplated when he began his medical training. Beginning with seventeen girls, all taught by herself, it grew into a great complex of buildings in a beautiful valley, graduating thousands of skilled, dedicated doctors.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Ida went back to India to help her father when her mother was ailing at the mission bungalow at Tindivanam, Madras Province in India. Her husband agreed to accept responsibility for her, and for a quarter of a century after he died she continued on in the work. Scudder agreed to make it coeducational, it eventually gained the support of 40 missions. Doctors all over India send her their most difficult gynecological cases. Scudder’s papers are held by the Schlesinger Library of Radcliffe College, including a transcription of an oral history project by the Medical College of Pennsylvania on women in medicine; some additional papers are located at the Christian Medical College and Hospital in Vellore, India.


Scudder, Ida (1870–1960)

One day inaged 82, she was at “Hilltop”, her bungalow at Kodaikanaland opened a stack of letters and telegrams. She died, aged 89, at her bungalow. Sicherman, Barbara, and Carol Hurd Green, eds.

John Scudder, who with his seven sons all became missionaries. Inshe was joined in India by her friend Gertrude Doddan unofficial, self-supporting missionary of the Reformed Church. Skeptical males said she would be lucky to get three applicants; actually she had the first yearand had to turn many away subsequently.

I did not want to spend my life in India. Ida Scudder was born in India in and grew up well-acquainted with the trials of missionary life, particularly the pain of separation from loved ones.

Dodd continued to give generously, supporting students at the medical college where she also served as bursar and registrar. I sent our servant, and he came back saying that all of them had died during the night. Although Scudder’s efforts to save the medical college from closure included converting it into a coeducational institution, causing condemnation from Lucy Peabody and other supporters of women’s education, her work remains significant.

She graduated from Cornell Medical College, New York City inas part of the first class at that school that accepted women as medical students.