Metric Standard Parallel Keyway and Key Sizes. Shaft Diameter. (mm). Keyway. ( mm). Key. (mm)*. From. To. Width. (W). Depth. (h). Width. (W). Depth. (T). 6. 8. 2. 3 IS Specification for parallel keys and keyways. 4 IS Specification for taper keys and keyways. 5 IS Specification for. Buy BIS IS (R) Specification For Parallel Keys And Keyways from SAI Global.

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In this case the designation for a key of Type E, width 12 mm, height 8 mm and length 50 mm shall be kdyway follows: Not all products are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Product damaged in transit will be replaced at no additional charge or credited to the credit card of the original charge this is a choice to be made by Semperlite. Type J – Keys with both ends square with chamfer and hole for one spring dowel sleeve. Login to ask a question.

They have a square or rectangular cross-section.

Skip to main content. Grooved pins are resistant to loosening from shock or vibration A few of them are illustrated as follows:.

LH0154 Leviton 524

We hope that you will register our name on your approved supplier list and send us your regular requirement of different size of keys as and when required. The customer is responsible for inspecting the order for iz or missing items and reporting it within hours. Reports after that time will not be honored.

Cylindrical Dowel Pins are used either to retain parts in a fixed position or to preserve alignment. Shipping charges are non-refundable as they are a service that was already successfully completed. KEY IS – Products are sold with their respective manufacturer’s warranty.


LH Leviton R17d- HO/VHO – fluorescent-LED – snap in – stationary – mates to LH

Parallel keys are the most widely used. Jagat Engineers offers machine keys of all types; square, flat and parallel, woodruff keys, gib-head keys per I.

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return any unused products for a replacement or a refund as long as the requirements below keywsy met.

Square keys are used for smaller shafts and 208 faced keys are used for shaft diameters over 6. Woodruff keys are semi-circular shaped, such that, when installed, leave a protruding tab.

Square Section h9; Rectangular Section hll. If it is more than 30 days since you have pruchased the product, you must contact the manufacturer of the item for warranty services. Types – Keuway keys shall be of the following types: Double Contact Mounting Type: I All dimensions in millimetres.

When this pin is forced into a drilled hole of proper diametera locking fit is obtained.

Woodruff keys are used in compressors, two wheelers, three wheelers, cars, trucks, tractors and gearboxes in all type of machineries. Type A – Keys with both ends round. Type D – Keys with both ends square with hole for one retaining screw for sizes 8 X 7 and upwards and for key lengths above the stepped line in Table 4 1.

Note-Types A, C and E are meant for machine tools application also, 3. The keyway in the shaft is a semi-circular pocket, the mating keyday, a longitudinal slot. Parallel Key A 12 x 8 x 50 4. Straight Pin DIN – Please let us know your specific requirement of keys or enquiry to enable us to quote our most competitive offer. Scope- Covers the dimensions and tolerances keywy parallel keys and keyways. Designation – A parallel key of Type A, width 12 mm, height 8 mm and length 50 mm shall be designated as: Only a straight drilling hole is required and no reaming is needed.


Grooved pins are resistant to loosening from shock or vibration A few of them are illustrated as follows: Maintenance purpose kit is also available for quick repairs and breakdown jobs. However, parallel keys and keyways meant for machine tools were covered in IS: A few of them are illustrated as follows: If keywway don’t like it we’ll take it back. So if you standardized key and keyways then your assemblies can go much faster without any problems or fitter’s down time.

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IS 2048: Parallel Keys and Keyways

Return Policy Returns If you don’t like it we’ll take it back. We manufacture these Pins both in Metric and Inch series. Tolerances on Length kwyway Keys and Keyways.

Our keys are ground to required tolerance h9 and well chamfered all over for ease of an assembly. The keys are used for transmitting loads in electric motors, pumps, coupling, pulleys, valves, textile machineries, agriclutural machineries, chemical plants, machine tools of all types and other rotating parts. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Click here kehway sign up.

External Threaded Taper Pin.