Kissing Perfect By Lauren Barnholdt – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Although I enjoyed this story more than I did the first three, Kissing Perfect still had it’s flaws. For one thing, the relationship between the two. “Perfect,” Cooper says, apparently not rattled by the fact that the people he’s .. then we’ll kiss and I’ll look around at my perfect house and my perfect husband.

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This was such a sweet book! Harper and Penn understand their attraction is illogical, yet something keeps pulling them together. I haven’t been on the Lauren Barnholdt train for very long her book last year was the first I’ve readbut after reading The Thing About the Truth Lzuren am fairly certain she can be put on this epic list as well.

Throw in his bleak and unsure future and a drunk dad and delusional mom and pothead brother and I got why things with Harper were sometimes too much for him. Yes, there is a lesson, but what Contemp doesn’t have one? And that’s too hard. Personally, I adore Lyla. Stealing kiseing ex-boyfriend’s bike.

Harper and Penn have seen each other around school, but they’ve never actually talked, until Penn leaves Kissign a note. It was pretty cool that there were four mini stories in one book.

Why does everyone have to keep trying? Like the guy in Two-Way Street, Isaac has little to offer but a mind focused on boobs, boobs, and more boobs. At the Party 4 books. psrfect

This Guy hates talking about it when he and his team loses a game. The “conflict” was so stupid that it was laughable, and kind of lzuren. This one is shorter, and with more humor compare to the former – and this book made me cry. Wow, way to stand up for women Lauren.


I seriously need to stop this.

Kissing Perfect by Lauren Barnholdt – FictionDB

Kelsey isn’t blond and Issac isn’t brunette. Penn’s accident, his tragic family, and his desire to be left to his own devices seem to drive Harper away. Her fingers are flying over the keyboard of my laptop as she IMs. So what does he do? I loved the characters and their interactions with each other. Barnjoldt would recommend this book to any young adult who loves to read about crazy young love. I really liked this book and I did not wanting to put it down.

One of those things was that the story went back and forth between the two characters as well kkissing told the story before and after the incident.

I Read Romance Novels Not Tragedies: Kissing Perfect (At the Party #4) by Lauren Barnholdt

High school in three lines! Due to how the book started, I was curious to find out what had happened that made them arrived this point. And I loved that. I unfortunately would not recommend this book.

Why is he with her? I had read Two-Way Street a few years back, and although I didn’t particularly love it, I do remember wanting to know what the twist was and to see the relationship be When I began reading The Thing About the Truth, I was looking for, well, fluff.

He turned into a lovesick puppy too quickly and too suddenly that it annoyed me a lot. Maybe if it was longer the author would have been lakren to flush out the story and the characters more.


I was hoping for I received a free copy via Edelweiss. I almost feel like this is an outline of a story and isn’t fleshed out. But today there actually is a letter for me.

I really didn’t like the novel but when this book came in from the library I thought I would give the author another chance. Issac is actually a total asshole. So Brynn does her best to ignore the butterflies in her stomach, chalking it up to post-break-up craziness. Penn gets a different doctor’s appointment with a specialist. And when that day did come, I still did not understand what it was, because the whole day was eclipsed by some stupid fight. I have been looking forward to reading this book for months, so you can imagine my frustration when it turned out to be a lot different than I expected.

Thoughts and opinions of guest posters do not represent those of TLT. Aug 20, PattyPepperpotts rated it did not like it.

I just wanted to get to the meat of story; I wanted a huge grand revelation with something more than a punch here, and a hair-pull there. And will kkssing it again!

Book Review: Heat of the Moment by Lauren Barnholdt

Keys, my wallet, money, library books. Isaac made his choice. Her books lack that realistic, raw feel that a teenager has during a relationship and in a romance.