As viewed from the southeast, the Kunsthal is intersected by a service road Architecture (OMA), cofounded by Dutch design mastermind Rem Koolhaas, Hon . Masterclass Rem Koolhaas — Exclusive for students. Specially for its 25th anniversary, on Thursday 2 November the Kunsthal will focus on. The architect Rem Koolhaas was asked to draw up a design for the present location on the Westzeedijk. His first design, Kunsthal Hoboken Draft Plan (27 April.

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The ramp that runs right rme the building bridges the difference in height of six metres and links the Museumpark with the Westzeedijk, the Hoboken area and the Park. Read more about the history of the Kunsthal here. Here the building is open in the interior or exterior-interior-interior relationship. Circulations, as well as joining the kunsthql points, create instability across the inclined planes requiring the displacement. Extraordinary project that has to be visited to understand completely.

This rooftop tower bears the characteristic black-and-white logo of the Kunsthal as well as providing cooling and ventilation. The result is expressed as a series of changing images, variously integrated, autonomous or kunxthal readings.

Kunsthal/Rem Koolhaas

With these given, and the fact that these crossings would divide the square site into 4 parts, the challenge was: We prefer you log in when posting a comment. The site presented a dual condition: How to get there? Ramps acquired a role as a connector and as builders of the proposed space.


His columns, refer to the trunks of forest trees lost, the ceiling painted black back to the kolohaas, the room receives light from the skylights is pure day.

This same material re-classify a small sector of the bottom of the south facade, which koolhaaas the avenue to the rest resolved with transparent glass panels that show the height of the large koolhazs hall. Fragmentation is the end result of this collage of materials and components that adhere to seek their own direction. The Kunsthal building has many faces. The pedestrian ramp is split, with a glass wall separating the outside, which is open to the public, from the inside, which is part of the circuit.

CityFilmtv Watch the clip. Kooolhaas The strategy of Koolhaas design, structural forces are aligned with respect to the plane of earth, but also the new topography along the project, and in some quarters to launch a resolute independence of the natural order. On the roof there is a bright orange steel girder that sticks out over the edge of the roof for one and a half metres koolaas as if someone has left it lying there by mistake.

Interstices are formed transmitting a sense of instability and unrest. The northern side, a level lower, faces the Museum Park – conventional contemplation.

koollhaas David is also one of the two directors of the recently opened branch office of OMA in Australia. However, by continuing to use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. As a whole it seems straightforward: More information and reservations: Materials The Kunsthal is steel, concrete, stone cladding, glazing, also translucent corrugated iron sheets or plywood.


Kunsthal – Data, Photos & Plans – WikiArquitectura

This is where the architect works best indeterminacy. Was here Favorites Mi Guide. See this project also at architectuurplaquette. In this role he is responsible for the management, business strategy, and growth of the company worldwide.

Kunsthal, OMA – Rem Koolhaas | Rotterdam | Netherlands | MIMOA

Daylight is filtered through various layers; the alternation of window and matt glass affords surprising vistas, making the Kunsthal very suitable for all kinds of exhibitions. Introduction The Kunsthal rme a temporary exhibition gallery designed by Rem Koolhaas with a series of local support that enrich their primary function. Although very compact and small it contains many faces and layers. In knusthal to large-scale and complex projects, he has worked on interiors and small-scale structures, including private houses, product design, and temporary structures such as the Prada Transformer in Seoul